How to change the rights ?

How to change the rights ?

Driving license is a very important document, and in many instances are equated to the passport.It is therefore very important to monitor their condition and period of validity, and always be aware of in case of need, as the right to change rapidly, what documents are necessary at the same time and where to go with them.

All of these procedures are described in the procedure for the preparation right to drive a vehicle.We will examine them in detail, to remember and easy to use that knowledge.

Where the right to change

If you was an emergency, and you lost a driver's license, you stole them, you lose them, they had deteriorated for various reasons, you need to determine where to change the law in your community.Normally, you should contact the traffic police department where you live.If you have a temporary residence permit, you will need to deal with this issue at the place of actual residence, in accordance with paragraphs 12 and 13 of the aforementioned techniques.But you can apply not only

in this department, but also anyone who is in the territory of the subject, where you have a residence permit.For example, at any traffic police department of the region where you live.If you have lost the right, or change temporary to permanent, then you do not have to re-take the exam.

What documents do you need

Of course, the traffic police will explain how to change the permissions of the new, but it would be better if you come back soon with a package of documents.According to paragraph 16 techniques, you must provide:

  • application for a driver's license, which specify a replacement cause,
  • passport (or other document proving your identity),
  • document confirming your registration (or registration, including temporary),
  • medical certificate of health, with a mark of fitness for driving, driving conditions (for example - glasses),
  • document on training completion, unserviceable driver's license (if any),
  • photo.
  • receipt for the manufacture of payment and the issuance of a new license.

Issuance of rights of Russian owners of other types of rights

If you have a driver's license marked with «SU», issued before January 1992 in any Soviet Union republic, you are required to replace the right of Russian without having exams.Just change the rights derived then in the CIS republics.If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, but got right in another state, you will need to pass a knowledge test and provide all the necessary documents.

If your documents require additional verification, or if you need time to collect certificates from other states, you can issue a temporary license for up to 2 months.

Driver's license, which in return you get a new, withdrawn from you, that is,will be put into traffic, then canceled.The only exception is international law, after the issuance of Russian, they will be returned to the owner.

Term issuing rights

The Russian driver's license shall be issued for 10 years, but this period can be changed if you have a temporary registration of the Russian Federation.Then the duration of the rights you will have limited registration period.International rights issued by no more than 3 years.

Replacement rights in connection with a change of surname

The girls often have questions about how to change permissions by changing the names.The procedure is exactly the same, it is necessary to apply to the traffic police department and provide a medical certificate, the old driver's license, a document on payment, passport.It should be understood that the change of law in this case is not necessary, you can use the certificate with the old name until it expires.But if you really want, you can write a statement and change the old law.

How to replace the expired rights

This process is exactly the same as in the other cases.The main thing to remember here that the replacement of non-performing rights may not be accompanied by a fine!But if you sit down with such rights behind the wheel, and you are stopped by an inspector, you'll pay a penalty.And if such a fact has not occurred, then no matter how much years have passed since the end of the rights you without any penalty should issue new.

Other cases for replacement rights.

  1. You can change the number of cards with different categories open to one.
  2. can get a single new rights at the opening of additional categories.

Do I need to re-take the exam.

We already touched on in this article of the issue.Summarize it can be so.If you are replacing the right, you pass the exams (theoretical and practical) is not necessary.This is required only if you change the international certificate for the Russian, open an additional category.In other cases, this is not required.Therefore, one will not worry about how much time you are sitting behind the wheel.This will only affect your movement on a vehicle in his personal and your safety.So when such a change still read their own traffic, train anywhere on the court in the country.

If you still have questions on the topic: "What do I need to change the law," you can read more information in the article "What to do if lost right?".In any case, all the answers are in the regulations of traffic, you will always find information there that is called "word of mouth".