How to extend the rights?

How to extend the rights?

Driving license - the document required for legal driving and driving.The standard period of validity of a driver's license is ten years.In the case of expiry of the driving license necessary to extend them.It is necessary to take care of this in advance and certainly know how to extend rights.When driving a car with expired rights, you automatically risk of being detained by traffic police.That in turn will lead to unpleasant consequences for you also.So, go ahead to renew the driver's license!

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify the authorized authority.Where to go and where to renew a driver's license?On this issue, you should contact the Inter-district registration and examination department of the city Mauger (MREO).In the city there may be several.


sure to prepare the following documents:

  • passport,
  • medical certificate,
  • photos (some facilities may be made on the spot),
  • examination card (driving record),
  • receipt of payment of stateduties,
  • driver's license.

To extend the driver's license must apply to the relevant application to the registration authority.Reason: Due to the expiry.

review your application, the staff of the State Inspection of Road Safety will check your data in the database of debtors.The database of debtors - is a database of violators who have not paid handed him a receipt of fines.If you find that you have a fine, you will need to necessarily pay for it, otherwise you do not have a driver's license will be extended and a certificate will not give.If fines are not found, you will extend the driver's license.

you will get new rights, in which the number of your previous driver's license will be listed.He indicated, in order to save the years of your time as a driver.

How to extend the temporary right

And what about those who have a driver's the right time?How to extend the provisional license?Temporary driver's licenses are issued for a period of 2 months in the case of temporary lischeniya rights and the passage of the investigation on the fact of violation of traffic rules.

In this case, according to the law of the Russian Federation, to extend the temporary driver's license can be for a period not longer than one calendar month.To extend the provisional license is authorized judge or investigative bodies.To extend the file the necessary motion to extend the rights in connection with this cause.The application is considered and the period of validity of a driver's license renewed.

Through personal knowledge of how to renew a driver's license and what documents are required for this, the extension of the procedure takes a minimum of time.