How to make the insurance?

How to make the insurance?

In order to get compensation in case of accidents or other events related to the use of vehicles, it is necessary to conclude a contract of insurance.It can be mandatory and voluntary.This article will talk about how to make insurance.

Features to enter into a contract

Today every car owner must have liability insurance.Civil liability may occur due to:

  • injury to health or life;
  • damage to property of others at the time of use of vehicles.

Regulates compulsory insurance corresponding Federal Law of the Russian Federation.It formulates concepts and definitions:

  • on the contract of compulsory insurance;
  • on the payment of insurance premiums;
  • of the actors at the time of the compulsory insurance, including the occurrence of the insured event;
  • dispute resolution;
  • conclusion of the order, extension, alteration, early termination of the insurance contract;
  • of determining the amount of damages to be recovered and the insurance payment.

to take out insurance on the car, you must enter into

a contract of compulsory insurance.It says that if come stipulated in the contract event, ie the insured event, the insurer shall, at the contractual fee, ie the insurance premium to compensate victims as a result of this event, the harm caused to their life and health or damage caused to property.The insurer must make an insurance payment due under the contract sum insured.

insurance contract may be entered into in respect of:

  • person owning the vehicle;
  • persons who have been given to them in the compulsory insurance contract;
  • number of persons who have been admitted to the management of the owner of the car;
  • other persons who use the vehicle legally.

In order to take out insurance on the car you need to provide a number of documents:

  • statement;
  • identity document;
  • certificate of state registration of legal.person;
  • document on registration of the vehicle;
  • driver's license or driver's license (copy) of a person who has been admitted to driving.

To date, there are several types of insurance:

  • CTP.Insures cases: damage to health and property of third parties.
  • Hull.Insures cases: damage resulting from accident, natural disaster, in the case of robbery, robbery, theft.
  • DSAGO.Insures cases: damage to health and property of third parties.

Insurance MTPL

before, take out insurance CTP, you need to know the size of the insured amount of damages compensation.It is


  • no more than 160 million rubles in respect of compensation for the harm that was caused to the health or life of each victim;
  • no more than 160 million rubles in respect of compensation for the harm that was caused to the property of a number of victims;
  • no more than 120 million rubles in respect of compensation for the harm that was caused to property of the victim.

Insurance rates include the basic rates and rates.Base rates are set on the basis of the design features, specifications and destination of vehicles.The size of the coefficients established depending on the area of ​​use of the car, the availability of insurance claims in the previous periods, and so on.

DSAGO - a voluntary insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles.There is the addition of CTP insurance policy, if the compensation exceeds the maximum allowable size.

CASCO insurance CASCO

insures the vehicle.This insurance includes:

  • risk of "theft";
  • risk "Damage".

risk of "theft" - a car theft.The risk of "damage" means:

  • accident;
  • fire;
  • natural disasters;
  • falling on the vehicle of foreign objects;
  • illegal actions of third parties;
  • kick on car items that flew out from under the wheels of other cars.

cost of the vehicle itself is the main criterion for determining the amount of hull insurance.

insurance and inspection

For new vehicles purchased in 2012, when you make a contract of insurance show ticket is not necessary, because new cars are exempt from passing the inspection within three years.Can I take out insurance without inspection for other categories of vehicles?Absolutely we can say that the issue is difficult to such insurance.But if the insurance is already there, but not pass inspection, you are required to pay the sum insured.The law does not provide a provision that would prohibit insurers to make reimbursement in the absence of pass MOT.