How do I know the traffic fines?

How do I know the traffic fines?

In everyone's life there are situations where inattention or any other reason results in the discharge of fine the traffic police.In this regard, there is a problem, how do you know the traffic fines?How to find out the debt, if it exists?After all, if you do not take care of this in advance, you may experience unpleasant situations in the future.It is particularly important solution to this problem for those who are planning to travel abroad.Unpaid time penalty may prevent your rest!

Previously, the only sure way was to apply directly to the employee, who has written a fine.You could, for example, to call the traffic police or come in person to the department.It was uncomfortable, becausetime consuming.Check by phone is easier, but even then their problems: it is impossible to call, you can not learn about the fines, not attending directly to the department.Oh fine, you can also learn from the received mail notification.Today, in many places it located cameras which record the violation.The data

comes in the traffic police, where the offender is set and sent to his email address registration.But what if you do not have the notice, and the presence or absence of fines need to learn?So how do you know unpaid traffic fines with the least resource cost?Today, when the Internet is almost in every home, this problem is solved!

How do you know the traffic fines online

On the Internet you can find several resources that offer Detection fines.The most convenient - site is offered to the driver fill out fields: car number, driver's license number, number of the certificate of registration of the vehicle, and email address.After filling in all grafna Your e-mail will be notified about the presence or absence of fines.The resource is easy to use, simple and requires a minimum of time and effort.The only negative - will have to wait some time until the Your email address will not notice come.

Another good resource - is working on a similar scheme.However, it offers the driver a choice of two options: to know the penalties for the vehicle number or recognized by the decree number.You also need to complete a series of graph.But in this case you have to wait for a response less.You get it immediately, in-line, after you specify the details of your car.

There is such a service, and on the official website of traffic police in the section "Public services" (www. Gibdd. Ru), where you can also find the necessary information.Unfortunately, the reference to the official source require you more time.

Thus, with the help of the Internet you can find the traffic police fines in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.Be careful on the roads!