What rights are necessary on the ATV ?

What rights are necessary on the ATV ?

ATV - a motor-off-road vehicle with four wheels, which is the seat and steering wheel motorcycle type.Quad bikes are mainly used for the passage of difficult road - the forest areas, dunes, clay soils, etc., but are often used on public roads.

Below talked about getting vadrotsiklami category management.

Specifications ATV

  • maximum speed average ATV is about 80-90 km / h.Sport ATV accelerates to 130 km / h, and the so-called "roadies" - up to 200 km / h!
  • Usually ATV is equipped with an engine of 500 cubic meters, which can give 20-40 hpThere is also a 700 cc quad bikes, they give up to 80 hp
  • ATV Fuel consumption - 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

What rights need driver ATV?

ATV driver need to get the right category A1 - they are called the certificate of tractor driver.Such rights may be obtained from 16 years.

pass the exam can be externally, although it is best to prepare in an appropriate institution.To pass the exam you must provide a medical certificate confirming the possibility of ad

mitting a person to self-propelled machine control.Take

employees Gostekhnadzor bodies exam.

exam includes theoretical and practical parts.Questions are taken from the first part of the approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for the exam tickets.The second part is organized in a closed traktorodromom.Please pass the theoretical part, and then practice.

most likely practical tasks:

  • execution start movement on the rise;
  • turn in a limited area;
  • vehicle parking in the box in reverse;
  • perform emergency braking at different speeds.

Of course, this part can be added and other tasks.

If failure to deliver the exam the first time in a week is allowed retake.Retake the exam so you can triple if all three attempts fail, you will be sent for additional training.

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