Which is fine for toning ?

Which is fine for toning ?

Summer in Russia has a maximum solar activity, so you need to protect yourself and passengers from asphyxiation in a car.But in a country that is at war with terrorism, began to prohibit the tinted windows.But is it bad things or something can be done?Still, there are ways to avoid a fine for toning.But first you need to know what problem we are dealing with.

Which is fine for toning

Technical traffic regulation for 2012-2013 provides for a fine for toning in the amount of 500 rubles.It's about what kind of penalty for removable tinted.In addition, if you refuse to remove the shading on the spot (and exceeding the technical regulations on tinted glass is a technical malfunction with the impossibility of further use), then you can hold the state registration number of the car.It is said that the regulations for 2012-2013 practically prohibits tinted as such.If we follow the logic of the technical documentation:

  1. can stand tinted film over the windscreen stripe.
  2. can be tinted windshield with sv
    etoproniknoveniem not less than 75%.
  3. can be tinted side windows with svetoproniknoveniem not less than 70%.

But the problem is that the light penetration rate even after nezatonirovannoe glass is 80-85%.So to calculate the shading is quite difficult.But the driver still waiting for a ban on the operation of the vehicle, if you can not immediately remove the tint or car factory fitted tinted windows.

How to avoid a fine for toning

If somehow you stopped by traffic police, there is no hurry, "negotiate on the spot", as if you do not have hinted at that.You should be aware that:

To measure tinted windows traffic police can only stationary post.

Metering haze prohibited, if the glass is wet or dirty.If there is rain, snow or dust storm - Do not worry.To make you wash your car, they are not entitled to.

Metering toning carried out at three points of each glass and only on equipment, introduced in the State Register of technical equipment.That is, if you are afraid of the miracle technique "Maid Ying China", but it is not listed, feel free to go further.The most common measure of the permitted means: IRS-1, "light", "Blick-H."

Measurement is carried out only with the assistance of witnesses.Find them - it is a problem and the duty inspector.

sensor measurement should be shown to you for inspection.The attachment points to the glass should not be any films that distort performance is clearly not in your favor.

inspector has no right to detain you for a long time without a protocol.You can appeal the decision to threaten him - then the desire to make you rip tint disappears.

Measuring glasses can make only technical supervision of traffic police inspector.So if you measure the glass on your car come from the same inspector that stopped you, it is a violation.If you stopped the officer called a colleague, you should clarify whether it is technical supervision of traffic police officer.

Finally, the most fun: learn the reason for the stop.Having destroyed the psychological inspector pattern of behavior, you will save your time, because in this case you will hear the long-awaited "Go through!".After all, the easiest way to avoid a fine for toning, it's all so aware of their rights.