Is it possible to enter into the insurance?

Is it possible to enter into the insurance?

situation may arise when the management of your car need to be trusted relative or friend.Many vehicle owners are asking, "Is it possible to enter into the insurance of others and what to do if a policy is ready."

the following procedure to make changes in the insurance policy.

How to write MTPL insurance in the new face

To start it is worth noting that the record in the insurance policy by yourself is prohibited.First, if an accident happens, the owner will have to pay damages out of pocket (or reimburse the costs of the insurance company in court).Secondly, if the violation notice the traffic police, it has the right to detain for forgery, as well as impose a fine.

What documents are required to make changes

  • insurance policy CTP (pay attention to its validity, the insurance must be valid).
  • passport of the person you want to write on the insurance;
  • Driver's license of the person.
  • Application for amendments.

As for writing the application, the form can be filled in on the spot in the o

ffice of the insurance company.It is also allowed to prepare a document in advance, making a statement at home in free form.However, we recommend that you contact any employee of the insurance company and check the availability of the required language.

In addition, insurance companies insist on a personal presence of the owner of the vehicle at the time of the procedure.However, if he is unable to come to the office, you must also provide a general power of attorney.

presence of a new driver is not necessary.In this case, the owner of the vehicle is sufficient to provide an employee of the insurance company a copy of his documents (passport and driver's license) and a notarized power of attorney.

procedure for amending the insurance

After the conversion to an insurance company agent first amends the CTP database and then make the appropriate entry in the insurance policy.However, in practice, often employees print out a new policy, and the old are removed.

Be careful, according to the regulations, any entries in the policy must be certified by the personal signature of the agent, as well as the seal of the insurance company.

In the absence of queues whole procedure takes no more than fifteen or twenty minutes.And some companies have an additional service - travel specialist at home or workplace.

Also note that the vehicle owner has the right to enter into an insurance policy CTP any number of individuals.In this case, an employee or policy applies to additional sheet, which will contain information about the drivers or prints the data on the back of the insurance (see "Special Notes").This agent does not have the right to require you to purchase insurance without restrictions.However, if you want to enter a large number of drivers, you should calculate what type of insurance is more profitable.

fee changes

In most cases, changes in the MTPL insurance will have to pay.This is because the risk of an accident.In this case, the employee will calculate the value based on the age and accident-free driving experience of the new party.In addition, the Manager has the right to include in the extra size of the discount (MSC - bonus-malus coefficient), which was given for the accident-free driving (ie, to the cost of the policy is determined by the most risky drivers..).

We recommend to call the office and refine the approximate cost of making changes in your case.

Do not forget to keep the receipt of the additional payment for CTP (it may require if the new driver gets into an accident).

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