Do I need to enter in the insurance?

Do I need to enter in the insurance?

Car insurance for us motorists, is very important.Every motorist knows today whether the insurance for the car needed.Yes, without insurance these days can not be driving.Well, if you pay a fine, it's not so bad, but if you get into an accident, you will be paying for all participants: for himself and for the guy, as they say.

CTP policies must execute every owner of any vehicle on the territory of the Russian Federation.His absence is punishable by a fine of 500-800 rubles, and your car can be sent to the penalty parking.Polis and forms of notification of an accident, you should always carry with them.You can choose yourself any insurance company of your choice.

Do I have to enter in the insurance?

But while everyone knows about insurance, nevertheless, sometimes a few, not very experienced, car owners have questions about it.We will consider the most common and try to solve them.

So you bought a car, but other than you, it will also drive someone else, such as your drug.Vy write out his power

of attorney, but did enter in person need insurance, that you trust to drive your car?The answer is yes, you should.You must go to the firm, where you insure your car with a driver's license fits the person and the staff of the organization ENTERED his name and the number of rights in the form of insurance policy.

This procedure is free of charge in the event that you enter up to two people in your policy, but these people should have the experience of driving at least three years.If you decide to enter an inexperienced driver, the cost of insurance will increase markedly.

If the car service, the easier you to write unlimited insurance, and, in this case, this car will be able to ride any employees of your company.

Ctrahovka with transit rooms

If you just bought a car, but it is on account of his not delivered, or insurance for transits need? In this case, you will also have to shell out your avtomobilya.Hotya insurance, you can arrange a temporary insurancefor 15 days.It does not cost you too much.If you plan to travel by transit rooms a little more than two weeks, for example, if you bought the car for resale, you can take out insurance for a month, or even three, in general, in as much time as you want to.

Inspection and Insurance

insurance and inspection related things should be kept in mind.But here there are nyuansy.Nuzhen whether inspection for insurance, vy.Net ask, do not need.To insure a car pass inspection you will not need.But in order to pass inspection of your car, you definitely will need to present a valid for at least another six months of CTP insurance policy.By the way, the presence of TO has nothing to do with the action of the insurance.Even if the action you pass over, to the action of the insurance is not affected.

But having insurance does not give you a sense of calmness and relaxation on the road.Be careful not to break the rules of the road, to avoid trouble.For trouble-free riding it has a positive effect on the cost of your policy.The lower the accident, the less you will pay for insurance in the next year.So, good luck on the road!