Lost Room : what to do ?

Lost Room : what to do ?

loss of public transit or car number - is a fairly common situation, albeit very non-standard.However, it faced by many motorists.Thus, the number lost?What to do with this problem is unknown?Then our statyaimeeno for you, dear motorist.

It so happened that the current framework does not differ reliability.All sorts of irregularities of the roadway and the car shakes caused by them can lead to the fact that the room simply fall off on the road.To notice the loss in this case, of course, very difficult, because the number of weighs a bit, and "fly" him to the asphalt long.Besides the engine noise perfectly suppresses the sound of falling numbers on the asphalt.In addition to the natural loss, your number may just steal.Oddly enough, it happens sometimes.

Anyway, where would not got to your room, you can not go without it.As soon as the traffic police noticed the loss, you are going to pay the fine, which, by the way, now stands at 5,000 rubles.Furthermore, driving without a state or transit number

can lead to deprivation of a driving license for a period of 1 to 3 months.

Lost license plate - what to do with this problem

To avoid the sad prospects associated with the deprivation of rights and fines, the first thing to do is to go to the traffic police.Do not think that local authorities decide it quickly, because such problems require new production vehicle registration.However, without technical inspection, that is happy.First you have to write an explanatory note, in the form for which, incidentally, is present item "excludes the possibility of theft."Thus, if you do not tick this phrase, your number will be considered stolen.This promises further loss of time, because you have to go to the police station and write a corresponding statement about the theft.By the way, if someone lost a transit number, what to do with it does not know, we will answer - you need to do the same thing, and that the loss of state.

Alternative ways of solving problems

There are also several "shadow" a way to solve these troubles.So, you can contact the company that is engaged in manufacturing rooms.Its staff will make for you a duplicate for just 1750 rubles.Given the fact that the traffic police for the loss you will have to pay 2,500 rubles - the benefit to the person.By the way, the above-mentioned sum of 2,500 rubles fee includes loss (2,000 rubles), pass MOT (300 rubles) and interest.

must warn that this solution has some pitfalls.They are connected with the fact that the room has lost still on you, because no one from the account is not removed.Therefore, if someone finds this number, put yourself in the car and commit illegal actions - will answer you.Perspective responsible for the sins of others, of course, few people are happy.

If you do contact the traffic police, in the end, your car will be showing off absolutely "clean" rooms, as in the glove box will lay a new certificate of registration.Thus, even if your number is stolen for private gain, worry about the possible consequences you do not have.