What to do when an accident ?

What to do when an accident ?

Peering in the window, or walking down the street, we constantly see the car, and with them on the roads is becoming more and more every year.At one point, you will also become the owner of the car, and like any other driver, you can become a party to the accident.It is clear that even if you behave on the road safely and do not violate traffic rules, then surely there is someone who breaks these rules, and create an emergency or accident.Let's see, what to do in case of accident with CTP and Hull, where to call, as well as if the culprit fled the accident, what to do in this case, and what measures to take?These and a number of other issues will be discussed in our article.

The first thing that you should remember once and for all: never leave the scene of an accident, fleeing from the scene of the accident, you are automatically considered guilty.For leaving the accident scene, you may be fined in the amount of 1,000 rubles for failing to traffic requirements, as well as for the very abandonment

of the place of accident - deprivation of rights for 1-1.5 years or administrative arrest for 15 days.

road accidents is any damage to the vehicle structure or injury to a person on the road.Even if you have taken back and hooked up the tree, it is still worth to call traffic police and to fix the damage, even if they are minor.Especially if you CASCO, you will reimburse any damage to your car.

If you are on your car slightly hooked passer, and after talking all disagreements resolved, you have to get him a receipt, that the injuries are not received, and no complaints.Otherwise, if he wants to take revenge on you, he will be able to apply to the police, and to fix the injury.

If you come to the place of parking his car and noticed visible signs of damage, and the perpetrator fled the accident, do the following: Call the traffic police, try to find witnesses, the incident may fixed surveillance camera, somewhere nearby.Against the driver guilty in the accident in any case will be prosecuted, and even in the case of damages, it will be brought to justice.

What responsible for an accident in this case is clear: to remain at the scene and wait for the host machine and the traffic police.Even if you leave your phone number on the windshield in order to repair the damage afterwards, the victim may not like it, and you still deem escaped from the scene of the accident.

can get in the reverse situation.It is no secret that there are bogus crash.If you approached the man and said that he saw you scratched his car, and even have witnesses, and you say that you did not do that and leave, feeling full is not guilty, and the absurdity of the situation, the "victim" will cause the traffic police, andthey will record the state of his car.Later, of course, will come to light the extent of your involvement in the incident, but it is likely still be guilty.On - check that the car of the victim, photograph it from all angles, especially pay attention to scratches, erasing dirt, dust, dents.Equally inspect your car.If this is not the victim's error and malice in order to make you pay for the repair of his car, it is very likely that your machine just might get scratched or otherwise damaged, testifying about the accident, and they just might capture on a camera or mobile phone.Wait for the traffic police, express their version of the more openly you act, the less likely you are giving fraudsters to prove their case.

If you are summoned to the traffic police to the protocol on the fact of hiding places to a traffic accident beware.The written examination will be required, including for the presence of this particular accident your car.Prepare for trial.In preparing the plan, sign up for it by checking "do not agree", as well as make a copy, because in the document in only one of the parties is not difficult to make changes.

It is also worth to hire a lawyer who will help you to gain time and to protect their rights.

Note that hiding from the accident scene are not following:

  • Transporting the victim to the nearest hospital.After that, the driver must return to the scene of an accident.
  • Moving vehicle, to free bandwidth for other traffic.It is necessary to fix in the presence of the witnesses of the accident vehicle position with respect to the roadway, stopping distance, damage to the movement, as well as if you have the opportunity to capture on camera or mobile phone.
  • Drivers, considering the circumstances of the accident, establish the plan and description of the incident, sign it and follow to the nearest police post or police department.

Formally, hiding from the accident scene is no driver at the scene at the time of the protocol traffic police.It turns out that if you went to the accident scene, but returned at the time of drawing up the minutes, then you are not a violator.

Caught in a traffic accident, and that do not know in the event of an accident?In almost all cases, you should call the traffic police.Upon arrival, they will make accident scheme, will record the data of all the participants of the accident, will make inspection of vehicles, make photo and video shooting.From almost any driver that is not required, only to give evidence and signatures.

There are situations where none of the participants in an accident there is no doubt who is to blame, because of which the accident occurred, and visually the amount of damage is not more than 25 000 rubles.In this case, the drivers, together constitute a diagram describing how things happened, as well as the imprint on the photo as far as possible.After that, both drivers follow the traffic police department.There are a number of requirements that should be considered:

  • Participants accident should be 2, the policies of both parties of insurance must be valid, and both of them must be approved by the management of the TC.
  • damage is done to property only, and there were no injuries among the people.
  • Visually, the cost of repair does not exceed 25 TR
  • are no differences between the drivers.

What to do after an accident?You should first of all apply to the department of your insurance company.If the perpetrator is not you, then you will pay compensation for the damage.As for Hull, in which case you get the compensation from any damage up to the theft, or damage related to the disaster.

In any case, if there was an accident, do not panic.Be patient.Check that all the passengers are safe, are not affected by whether pedestrians, whether a vehicle fire risk.Set up the warning triangle.Do not leave the scene of an accident, a violation is strictly punishable by law.Call the traffic police.Take pictures of the accident site, all the parts and bodywork damage, skid marks.Accidents happen, do not you first - you're not the last.Good luck on the road!