How to display an image from your computer to your TV ?

How to display an image from your computer to your TV ?

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How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

In order to watch a movie in high quality on the big screen, you can display an image from your computer to your TV screen.Thus, it is possible to see any movie in the highest quality without losing definition.In this article we will look at the instructions, which will display an image from your computer on your TV screen, allowing you to view movies and videos.

How to bring the computer to the TV?

  1. necessary to determine the connector, through which and will receive the image on the screen.It is recommended to use the HDMI connector and DVI - they broadcast a digital signal instead of analog.The digital signal provides the highest image quality, even on the big screen.
  2. To transfer images need to release appropriate ports and connect a PC video card with an adapter to your TV.
  3. When displaying images on TV can use a speaker system, if it is available.For this you need a cable with a mini-jack connector on both s
    ides.Connecting played through the computer sound card, through the Audio In port.Thus, the audio is sent to the speakers.
  4. To perform this step should be included and the TV and the computer.Going into the TV's settings, you must specify the source of the signal.We pose the port that is connected to the graphics board or PC.After that controlled simultaneous video playback on the monitor TV and computer.
  5. On the computer, right-click on the desktop and go to "Appearance and Personalization."You can also go in the same section through the computer's control panel.Next, you must open the section "Screen" and click on "Connect to an external display."After selecting the images from the TV switch option 'Make this the main screen. "This option will set the necessary priority to transfer the image on the TV screen.
  6. click on the TV icon After completing the previous steps, and mark the column "To expand the display on this device."This setting allows the user to start and use any programs independently.Start the video player and brought outside the monitor.Then open the window of the program on the screen of your TV.

After completing all the steps can only select a movie and play it.All individual settings for brightness or sound effects can also be customized to the user's discretion.

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