How to use your TV as a monitor?

How to use your TV as a monitor?

agree that on the big screen and the film looks brighter, and the game exciting.Today, modern technology allows to use your TV as a PC monitor.Through this connection, you can not only watch videos, play computer games, but also to work and presentations.In this article we will look at different ways to connect your TV as a monitor.

is worth noting that the TV type of connection and your computer depends on the technical characteristics such as the power of the computer, its performance and the availability of ports.

Connection via HDMI

cable Today, the most popular and high-quality way to monitor connected to a computer.

Cable HDMI / HDMI transmits digital video and audio sound.This feature allows you to not use the speakers when you connect, and enjoy the sound from the TV.

  • Before connecting must be purchased in a specialty store a HDMI / HDMI.Cable length is selected depending on the distance between the computer and the monitor;
  • Connect one end of the cable to the TV connector, which is
    located on the back or rear panel;
  • other end is connected to the computer, the connector is on the back of the case with the video card or the computer's motherboard.

Connection via DVI / HDMI

cable This method is also common due to the fact that not all computers are equipped with an HDMI port.The difference between this type of connection is that it does not transmit a sound signal.

  • First purchase DVI / HDMI cable;
  • Connect the cable ends to the corresponding ports on the devices;
  • Take care of connecting the sound quality, if it is needed.

Connection via VGA

cable This type of connection is popular due to the fact that most computers have this port.Most often the monitor is connected to the computer through the port.Therefore, the TV may not only be an additional monitor, but also basic.

Please note that this type of connection transmits an analog signal, which means that the transmitted signal will be much worse.

  • We buy a VGA cable to length;
  • We connect the ends to the corresponding ports of the devices;
  • If your computer has no second connector VGA, and you want to use your TV as a secondary monitor, then buy in the store DVI / VGA special adapter.

Read more in the article How to connect a TV via VGA.

Connection via S-video

cable This connection method is obsolete and very rarely resort to it.S-video cable transmits the analog signal, so the quality will also be poor.

buy the appropriate cable and connect to the connectors.


devices After connecting one of the following methods must enable the device and configure:

  1. on the TV, select the appropriate source.
  2. On a PC, you can include multiple display modes: TV as the primary display, backup or advanced.All these settings can be found in the Control Panel, then go to the section of the screen settings.

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