How to flash the TV ?

How to flash the TV ?

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How to flash the TV?

TV occupy a special place among the other household appliances.The house can not be a microwave oven, computer, air conditioner or even a washing machine, but the TV will be necessary.

Modern TVs are more like computers with the ability to connect a cable, satellite, analogue and digital television and display the image on the wide screen.In addition, the TV now have Internet access at their various applications are installed, they can be connected to desktop and laptop computers, etc.Naturally, for the maintenance of such a wide range of possibilities it is necessary and appropriate software, which is gradually becoming obsolete.However, learning how to sew a TV, you can keep up with the times much longer without new costs.


Before the TV version, please note the following points:

  1. TV Incorrect firmware can cause a breakdown.Carefully follow all instructions or if you are not confident in their abilities, trust firmware pr
  2. During the firmware can not run any applications and switch channels.
  3. Turn off the TV while the firmware is also strictly prohibited.

firmware update via the Internet

If you have the ability to connect the TV to the Internet via a network cable or by using a wireless network, you can download and update the firmware directly from the TV.Consider this type of firmware on the example of TVs LG:

  1. Make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.
  2. click Settings (Settings) on the remote control.
  3. Click the Support tab, and select Software Update.
  4. Check for Updates.If the TV finds a new version of the software, click Update.
  5. Wait until the TV switches itself off and switch on again.It will be a signal that the update was successful.

update via USB-stick

If you can not connect the TV to the Internet, you can download the firmware to the flash drive, and from there to install it on your computer:

  1. Install exactly the model of your TV.If the TV from the passport was not preserved, code or model of your TV should look at menu - Support (depending on your brand of TV, the menu button may vary).In no case can not be installed on the device firmware of another model!This will inevitably lead to damage to the TV.Be careful!
  2. Go to the site of the manufacturer of your TV and on the Support tab, locate the firmware file for your TV model.
  3. Download the firmware file on your computer.
  4. Unzip the downloaded files on a USB flash drive and connect it to the TV.
  5. When you connect usb-storage device, depending on the brand of the TV producer, a message on the availability of software updates may or may occur automatically and do not appear.If you insert a USB flash drive, and no message came up, go to Menu - Support - Software Update and follow the USB firmware update.
  6. Wait until the TV switches itself off and switch on again.It will be a signal that the update was successful.

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