How does the TV ?

How does the TV ?

Today we will understand how to work the TV and how the video transmission.Today's most popular TVs are plasma and LCD.But in order to more fully understand the operation of television, it is better to consider TVs made on the basis of the cathode-ray tube.

basic principle of

TV Formally image transfer process is quite simple:

  1. light-sensitive elements of the cameras convert light radiation at a certain electric signal.
  2. The resulting electrical signal is processed and transmitted in the air.
  3. At the rear of the TV is three electron guns.As a result of signals from TV broadcast, they create electron beams and direct them to the inside of the TV, which is coated with a special substance - phosphor.Upon contact of the substance and the electrons produced light.
  4. From glow red, green and blue light and creates the whole picture on the TV screen.

Scheme of 3D TV

As you can see, the principle of the old TV is quite simple.But how does 3D TV?

In fact, 3D TVs only create the illusion of three di

mensions.The whole principle of creating three-dimensional illusion is quite simple and is based on the fact that our eyes are spaced apart from each other.Based on this fact, it can be assumed that if the same display image to each eye, but at a different angle - the brain will combine the two image data and three-dimensional image will result.The methods used by the film industry, who rely on this factor.

In the first case, the two images are depleted, each image is modified using a color filter.In order to view such a video would require two glasses with lenses of different colors.With these glasses, each eye sees a single image, but at different angles.This 3D creation method is already known for quite some time and was first used in order to give three-dimensional image in black and white movie.Method using called anaglyph color filter.

In modern movies anaglyph used less and less.In place of the color filter came the so-called polarization filter.Principle when polarization is similar to that used in anaglyph, but instead of converting the color change of light waves, which observes the viewer's eye.When viewing these films also need glasses that have lenses with different polarization.This method of creating 3D gives better and more realistic results.

Not so long ago there was also another method, which has already started to be used in 3D TVs.The point is simple - all lenses and filters are installed in front of screen and TV software identifies the position of the user and provides a smooth 3D image.

The principle of remote control

Now we just have to learn how to work the TV remote.

In fact, this process is quite simple:

  1. If you press any button on the remote fault occurs two tracks.
  2. a consequence of the closure of the central console chip transmitted pulse.
  3. Next central chip sends an electrical signal to the photodiode.Information is transmitted via infrared signals.This signal is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by a variety of equipment (for example, you can use the camera).
  4. This signal is caught and processed by the receiver of the TV.Signal is checked on the remote information model, and the desired command.