How to unlock the TV ?

How to unlock the TV ?

hard to imagine a modern TV without a remote control, which allows us to control the device from a distance, which is very convenient and fast.Most TVs manufactured today are equipped with a lock function that allows you to protect your device from children and accidental presses on the control button.There are cases when the TV is locked, it can happen accidentally.

How to unlock TV

to unlock the necessary instructions and remote control.Each instruction has specified ways of unlocking the TV by pressing a certain key or key combination.If for some reason there is no instruction, it is necessary to look for the button on the remote control and the TV by yourself, usually drawn near her castle or something like that.lock button, press and hold approximately 3-5 seconds, sometimes longer.

If it does not work you should try to press different key combinations, for example, a few numbers and such buttons as "Volume", "channel switching".If still nothing happens you need to carefully examine the co

ntrol on all sides and a compartment where batteries are installed, as well as the body of the TV.On some models for unlock instructions indicated on the package or on the remote.If all else fails, you can consult with specialists or create a thread in the forum dedicated to the repair and tuning of TV.

If you do not know how to unlock lg tv, then go to, the site can download a special program and a guide to unlock the LG TVs.

technology release in various TV models can vary, so find out how to unlock samsung TV can on the website, which shows step by step instructions, suitable for the majority of television sets this brand.

In order to avoid problems with locking and unlocking is necessary at the outset to deal with this feature and do not block the TV unnecessarily.