How to choose a gas column ?

How to choose a gas column ?

Geysers - the equipment for the home, which for a long time will not lose popularity among buyers.The reasons for this variety, but the main is that updating the old apartments, built over 50 years ago, without the gas column can not do.Central hot water supply is not present, it is heated only by the column.And if earlier they were noisy, not quite safe and rather unattractive to look at, but now, the choice is so varied and great that you can buy is the option that fits perfectly into your interior.This column will look quite harmoniously with the furniture and will not stand out from the overall design as distinguished geysers before.In order to understand what are the geysers, how to choose your ideal, you need to look into the matter.It is worth a little digging and determine how it is arranged and on what principle works.

So, what constitutes a geyser?There is a burner - that is, if we speak clearly, then the old devices, is the visible part, that we light using matches or electric lighters.

Then there is a heat exchanger, followed by automation, it was she who supports the stable operation of the system and ensure its security.At the same appearance in modern speakers, in general, may be no different from the usual kitchen furniture, and because quite striking.And this is very important when you want to have a modern interior, at home, where do without the gas column.It can be quite compact dimensions and even pretty to look at.Among other things, it is important to know what kind of ignition in the column.


ignition From this figure depends on many things, so it should not be omitted or upstage when buying a gas column.So, what to choose?Pezorozzhigom, electrical ignition or something else?Selecting the ignition is largely a response to the question of how to choose a gas column.


pezorozzhigom - is ignited using a button, its inclusion provides a continuous supply of gas, which is quite economical.Gas consumed in any case, is the water that must be heated or not.As inclusion column off also occurs mechanically, by means of the same button.In general, it is clear that consuming gas to no avail, only occur financial cost and no benefit.However, if we speak frankly, the loss is not so great, in monetary terms the costs for short periods of time are minimal.

electric ignition

electric ignition - a perfect tool that allows you to spend the gas only when needed hot water.So, automatic water heating is activated every time you open a hot tap.During start-up involved a so-called electronic control unit, it is responsible for the igniter and the main heater.Electricity on the circuit breaker is supplied by a battery.This switch comes from a spark formed by an electric fuse.Thus, the system does not consume the excess gas, and thus saves money.


third option of heating water in a column - a turbine.The flow of water that is applied when you turn, drives the system at the expense of its own energy is sunk.There does not need any batteries or extra mechanical manipulations of man.Everything happens by itself, bound and oiled mechanism.

Anyone who has ever - that lived in the house with a gas Olonka, heating water, well aware that to achieve an optimal and constant water temperature is very difficult.This is because the heat is directly dependent on water flow and its supply.So, there are times when you simply can not adjust the water.At low flow, it gets very hot and becomes practically boiling.In order to resolve these difficulties, it was invented so-called modulating burner.That allows it in an unstable supply of water to get the best of her heat.This automatically adjusts the burner flame height according to the water supply.Thus, the problem with such a system is very strong, sudden changes in the water temperature can be avoided.

power or how to choose a gas column

When choosing speakers for the house, it is necessary to pay attention on such an important indicator of how power.It must be mentioned in the passport.There are three types of columns for this index - it 17-19, 22-24 and 28-31 kW.The choice should be based on how much of the water at the same time need to be heated.If you want to use the hot water at the same time in the kitchen and in the bathroom, then it needs a powerful speaker.If this happens rarely and need for simultaneous supply of hot water in some places is not, then it will suit low-power heater.However, paying attention to this figure, it should be noted that the power consumption is also useful.And, so as not to go into the technical details, it should simply be noted that it is useful to be interested in power.

matter how high levels of performance and was not endowed with a geyser, and, like any equipment, is the main indicator of safety.The old columns ongoing problem was that if you disable the water heater continues to heat up, and just simply burned herself.How to choose a gas column on the basis of the protection system?

Triple safety system:

  • If no traction equipment is blocked and switches off itself.
  • If the fuse goes out, and then the gas supply will be interrupted and the further heating occurs.
  • Availability hydraulic valve protects the heating elements from overheating.

However, in order to serve a long column, it must be used properly and to prevent.One of the factors influencing the rapid wear of the gas column, is hard water.In order to avoid corrosion and scaling, it is necessary to install special equipment.It makes the water softer and has an improved form of the column passes through the heating system.

Thus, of all of the above it is clear that the column selection is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.The main thing to take into account their own needs in hot water and on this basis, choose a modern gas column with a high level of safety and a suitable heating system.Now that you know all about geysers.How to choose the best?For you, no longer a secret.