How to choose a gas boiler ?

How to choose a gas boiler ?

heating system equipment is very expensive, and therefore should try to acquire such equipment that will perfectly meet the needs of households, especially in the home match.The most profitable to date, type of fuel is gas, and therefore we offer to learn more about some of the parameters of gas boilers that are important to consider when buying.

power gas boiler

main characteristic by which you must select a device.The only correct option is vyschityvanie necessary power for your particular case.Otherwise you risk to install the system, which capacity will not be sufficient to create a comfortable indoor temperature inhabitants.

To do this, use the formula: Q = K × V × ΔT, where Q - heat loss is (that this measure must comply with the boiler output);K - is a statistical coefficient of heat loss from the room, depending on the materials used for construction, insulation of the house;V - is the amount of space that you will be heat;ΔT - the maximum temperature difference (Delta), which is typica

l for your climate zone.It is also necessary to take into account the amount of heat power consumers - Battery, sauna / pool, hot water, and so on.

As you can see, the calculations are not simple, and therefore they should be trusted to the professionals - you can turn to sellers in the store where you are going to buy gas boiler.

of circuits

boilers can be divided into two categories:

  1. Single loop.Have a heat exchanger which heats and supplies the water to the heating system.
  2. Double-circuit.They have two heat exchangers: one heats the water for the heating system, the other - for household needs.

To select gas boiler correctly, you will need to determine the order if you need hot water or not.If the answer is yes, then it is important to decide how much it is necessary for a number of points.For example, a 24 kW boiler enough to heat approximately 13 liters.of water per minute (this is usually enough for the needs of a bathroom and kitchen).But on the more he is not capable.

Also, keep in mind that 2 boilers for heating circuit with hot water for household needs will turn off for a while the heating system - hence, the room at this time is cool.For a large family, which constantly requires a significant amount of hot water, this option is unlikely to fit, because have to sacrifice the warmth in the room.

Therefore, in this situation it will be necessary to put in tandem planimetric boiler with a capacity of indirect heating.The volume of the container can be selected depending on your needs in the water.Such a system will supply hot water without damage to the heating system.

burners in gas boilers

Depending on the adjustment of capacity following types of burners can be identified in the gas boilers:

  • Single stage.combustion mode one: the flame can be either on or off.The easiest option, but it is not convenient for all, because the situations are different.Sometimes you want to "succumb to frying."
  • two-stage.This system is equipped with a machine gun, which at low load on the boiler switches the intensity of the torch from the main mode to the more economical.This device allows you to increase the time between the enable and disable the burner, which has a positive effect on its service life (it is frequent switching on and off more than just wear out the burner).In addition, in this mode significantly lower fuel consumption.
  • with flowing flame modulation.The most "intelligent" mechanism which has the ability to vary the intensity even more warming.Accordingly, the fuel consumed even less.

By the principle of the occurrence of the burner in the boiler system is isolated:

  • Atmospheric burner.Is a constructive part of the boiler, installed in it.Their main advantage - an acceptable cost and almost silent operation.Among cons - the inability to operate at reduced gas pressure (burner starts just burn through, the system can be switched off periodically, reduced service life of the boiler).
  • Turbocharged burner (still referred to as fan or blow, forced draft).Usually not included in the boiler structure and hung on it.Their main advantage - the ability to work with the gas pressure drops (this increases system safety, durability and the burner of the boiler).But the disadvantages - high cost (such burner put in expensive powerful boilers), a significant noise.

Mounting type boilers

  • Wall model.Designed for heating rooms up to 350 square meters.m. That is, the boiler would be appropriate for use, for example, is not very large private homes, office buildings.
  • Floor boilers.Their capacity will start with a mark of 32 kW, and because products of this type are perfect for heating industrial premises with a very impressive quadrature.Another advantage is the possibility of outdoor boilers supplement their complete set of the equipment which is required to heat a particular room, the building.

manufacturers gas boilers

Companies engaged in production of heating equipment, such as gas boilers, very much.Among the most famous brands:

  • ACV (Belgium);
  • Baxi (Italy);
  • Bosch (Germany);
  • Buderus (Germany);
  • De Dietrich (France);
  • Ferroli (Italy);
  • Kiturami (South Korea);
  • Olympia (South Korea);
  • Protherm (the Czech Republic);
  • Rinnai (Japan);
  • Vaillant (Germany);
  • Viessmann (Germany).

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