Why not show the TV ?

Why not show the TV ?

Watching TV is one of the general lifestyle of people of different ages.TV is, in every family, and not always the same.Many have already managed to change the old CRT models more modern TVs.However, both new and old TVs are not immune from damage.Let's look at the situation, why not show a TV.

TV type and cause of failure

At this point in time, television sets are divided into different types of image output.This old - CRT, more modern - plasma TVs, LCD TVs and the latest model - LED-backlit.The reason why not show the TV screen, depending on the type of your TV.For example, if you own a CRT TVs, the most likely failure came kinescope.If you are the owner of the plasma TV, then it faded in the plasma TV is an LCD often fail pixels and backlight lamp.More detailed information you can get from a specialist in the service center, and the cause of failure can be found by conducting a special inspection.

reasons for poor picture

Poor picture quality can not always talk about TV failure.This can b

e bad enough to provide cable or satellite TV services.If the TV does not show the channels, it is first necessary to verify the operational status of your antenna cable.Also it does not hurt to try to configure or reconfigure the channels.You must use your TV's setup menu.Make sure that your equipment can receive data services Cable or satellite TV, as not all television sets installed decoders to receive and decode the signal.Do not interfere, and ensure timely payment for providing television services.Perhaps you just cut off service for nonpayment.

Quite often people have to deal with a situation where the image is there, but the quality does not suit you.In order to understand why bad TV shows, you need to identify the root cause of the problem.For example, the reasons could be a malfunction of the TV set (pixels, picture tube, a decoder or other equipment) and low-quality services.If you are confident in the quality of services provided, timely payments and other points, the reason lies in the TV.Self-repair technique is not worth doing, especially if the TV is on currently on the guarantee.Remember that any independent repair threatens not only the loss of the warranty and the TV, but can cause harm to your health, for example, you can strike shock.Therefore, repair and adjustment should be engaged in only by a specialist.