How to choose a home theater ?

How to choose a home theater ?

Many people, especially those who are far from the world of professional video equipment, may be faced with a real problem, choosing which to buy a home theater.But it can easily be resolved, after you become familiar with a few of our tips.

screen Selecting

creating home theater, above all, take care of the purchase screen.It does not matter, it will be a projector, LSD or plasma.It is the size and type of screen directly will depend on how to choose a home theater, what are its characteristics.

known that the human eye perceives a space within a certain range.In order to cover the eyes too big thing, we have to move their eyes or turn his head.

This eye movement exercise appropriate muscle therefore less deteriorates vision.However, the downside is that if you have to do it for a long period of time, your eyes will get tired.Therefore, when selecting the TV screen, it is desirable that it is entirely hit the angle of view.On the other side of the small screen can not convey the whole feeling

of fullness.It is important not to disturb the balance.

purchasing screen for your home theater, abide by the rules: the size of the diagonal should be equal to one-fifth of the distance between the eyes of the audience and the screen.


Depending on the size of the room, where the home theater, select the subwoofer and speakers, their number and capacity will be organized.Only a well-chosen collection of all sets of audio equipment has the effect of presence when viewing the film.This is the main feature of modern cinema.

How to choose a home theater

choosing which to buy a home theater, you need to know that the processor is a multi-channel audio, and CD player is always located in the main block it.The player must play the CD, DVD, CD-R, and DVD-R discs.So often has the ability to play audio and video formats are recorded on a computer (for the sounds you mp3, wav, video - avi, mp4).Many modern players read raster image formats bmp, and jpeg.So you can browse through them directly on the screen cinema discs photo albums, which were recorded on a computer.Choosing a home theater better remember that many of the players are now equipped with a USB port.This is great for viewing and listening to files directly from a flash-carrier.Decoders almost all multi-channel audio processor - DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1, sets a higher price can be equipped with decoders DTS ES and Dolby Digital 6.1.Ih opposed to the possibility of an extra sixth column in the center of the room.There are also older Dolby Pro Logic decoders, which are used to play analog sound recordings (for example, a video cassette).

Some home theater tuners able to receive RDS radio (Radio Data System. It is a system that transmits data together with the audio signal, RDS receives and displays the text that is passed to the RDS radio stations).In the home theater unit, there are special connectors for the screen.With all the subtleties of the connection, are available here: "How to connect your home theater to the TV."

Also you can learn all the secrets of connecting your home theater to your computer by clicking on this link: "How to connect your home theater to a computer?".

For the convenience of joining an analog source, the receiver unit can be equipped with analog stereo audio input.If you have an analog video input, there is no need to connect a VCR and a movie theater screen.Sometimes there are optical and coaxial inputs for connecting a satellite receiver or other digital devices.

What to look

Before you decide which home theater system to choose, pay attention to the following parameters of its components:

  • Diagonal translator.We abide by the rules and the ratio of screen diagonal distance to the viewer.
  • Compliance power speaker size of the room.When the system is low power, strong enough to provide a sound spacious room will not work.
  • Accounting amplifier output power.Please note that the sum of the power of all the components together, including the subwoofer, should be equal to the output power of the amplifier.In this case, the signal reaches a sufficient level to ensure the full operation of acoustics systems.

How to choose a home theater for the price

Prices on home theater systems depend on the component.It should be noted that the set of equipment at a higher price is not always better than less expensive.The cost may depend on the quality of the assembly, the power characteristics, the sound quality from a particular manufacturer's unit.

most inexpensive kit can cost you about 4500 rubles.For that amount you can buy the main unit is 90-105 watt subwoofer 25-30 W, 15 W 5 columns, it is a minimum.This is enough for rooms with an area of ​​twenty-five square meters.If the equipment is unknown firm and the Chinese assembly, you can buy and much higher performance.However, with the guarantee of quality no one will.

For the best sound quality and a larger area of ​​premises, it will be necessary the presence of a more powerful acoustic equipment.Powerful enough device (260 W) from a reputable manufacturer (for example, SONY or the JVC) can be selected for 6-7 thousand rubles.However, for this amount you can pick up the equipment with a much larger number of functions (for example, if you do not need more sound power).A larger amount will allow to get a high-end home theater.For example, it can be equipped with wireless speakers.These speakers look more aesthetically pleasing and does not require additional installation costs and wiring broach.