How to connect the set-top box ?

How to connect the set-top box ?

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How to connect the set-top box?

digital set-top box is a device that allows you to connect digital television.Thanks to everyone can enjoy high-definition TV.

course, connect a digital set-top box is not easy, but with the help of the instructions given in this article, each person will be able to quickly figure out how to do it.

Choosing a digital set-top boxes

At the moment, a lot of different companies are offering to purchase a variety of models of digital set-top boxes.Select the prefix should be the basis of the proposed list of channels, also need to pay attention to the package.Buy expensive receivers are not required, as even top boxes with lower value of four thousand, able to provide a very good image quality.Some digital consoles provide advanced features, so their cost may be higher.

When choosing a digital set-top box, pay attention to the compatibility with the antenna or satellite dish model.You can also purchase a plate and set-top

box in one set.

Connecting digital consoles

To connect a digital set-top box will need:

  • Coaxial cable the required length.
  • F-connectors.
  • antenna, by means of which the signal reception will be carried out.
  • Wire-tulips.
  • HDMI-cable.

may also need a special adapter to the case, if your TV does not have a connector for the tulips, and is equipped with a plug, which is connected with the so-called wire brush.Connecting a digital set-top box is as follows:

  1. first coaxial cable should be cut from two sides so that the protective shell white was lifted about 10 meters.Thus it is impossible to have been damaged shielding braid.
  2. Peel back the protective film, placing it along the wire.Then tightly screw the f-connector.
  3. Cut the center conductor so that it extends no more than two millimeters.
  4. Then you need to repeat these steps for the other end of the cable.
  5. Connect the cable to your set-top box and antenna.
  6. Now you need to connect a wire-tulips.

We have seen how it is possible to connect a TV to the console.Now look at how to connect two televisions to a digital set-top box.

connect two televisions to the console

In order to connect two televisions to a single receiver, you need to again use a coaxial cable.

  1. Cut the coaxial cable so that he could easily reach the set-top box scart-connector.
  2. Acquire Satellite divider at any electronics store and home appliances.
  3. Connect one connector divider your antenna or satellite dish.
  4. Please note that on the other side of the divider has just two connectors.They will need to connect other coaxial cables.
  5. Next you need to connect cables to the console - RCA and SCART outputs.

Now you are ready to ensure that the viewing channels in digital quality on two TVs.Note that it is not recommended to use more than two television sets for viewing on a single console, as this may cause overheating.

necessary precautions when connecting consoles it is necessary to observe safety measures.

  1. First of all, remember that the protective film from the receiver must necessarily be removed.After all, while the digital set-top box may be very hot.
  2. In addition, you need to take into account the antenna, you will choose for your digital set-top boxes, it is desirable to have the amplifier must not, as an antenna with an amplifier often break down.
  3. Before you connect the console, be sure to disconnect it from the power supply.


channels To use the prefix, you need to configure it on TV.It is simple enough.We just need to press the menu button on the remote control.Before you open a menu in which you have to find the item "configure channel".The prefix will automatically find the digital channels, and you will only have to save them.Then you can take your attachment to view the transmission in high quality.

single word should be said about the DVB-T2 set-top box.However, in this article to list all of its advantages, as well as talk about the connection will be difficult.Therefore, we recommend that you read the article How to connect the DVB-T2.