How to choose the air conditioner in the apartment?

How to choose the air conditioner in the apartment?

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How to choose the air conditioner in the apartment?

Summer heat is an excellent occasion to think about buying an air conditioner.For the majority of the main criteria in the selection of air conditioners is the price, but you must be aware of the other options that are very important when choosing a conditioner for the apartment.How to make the right choice?

type air conditioner window air conditioner

This conditioner is typically attached to the window frame or wall.It has a cooling capacity of the room up to 30 square meters.m. Among the window air conditioners there are universal models with heating and cooling functions.Positive aspects of the acquisition of the air conditioner - it is low cost, ease of installation and the availability of space ventilation function.Among the main disadvantages include noisy operation and lack of function of redirecting airflow.

Mobile air conditioning

This unique device is able to be installed in any room.The air condition

er is mounted hose that is designed to remove the warm air stream.This hose is simply put out of the premises.Mobile air conditioner does not need installation and can be used in absolutely any room.But this type of air conditioner has its disadvantages - high price, noisy work, required condensate drain from the chamber, room tightness.


This type of conditioning is by far the most popular.It consists of a fan, which is located outside and the indoor unit is in the room.Split-system completely silent, has many functions (heating, ventilation, drainage), has a wide range of indoor units for a particular design of the apartment and can be installed anywhere.But it is a pleasure expensive, have to shell out the money, and for the installation of a split system.

conditioner power

The power conditioner is more, the cooling function is performed efficiently.To determine the air conditioner suitable for apartments, it is necessary to calculate the power.It's very simple: 10 sq.m - 1 kW of power.But other than that it is worth considering the number of people living in the apartment, the location of windows in the room (solar, non-solar side), the number of household appliances and lighting.

Heating Air

Remember that most air conditioners with such a function is not used, if the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.

Installation Installing the air conditioner - it is a painstaking job that requires maximum professionalism.Treat the item carefully and do not take money for it, becausean incorrect installation of the device can easily be damaged.


warranty period is generally 1 year.During the year, you are obliged to provide free repair or replacement of air conditioner parts.Service in which the customer pays for the parts and repair gets free, lasts for 2 years.