How to choose the air conditioner ?

How to choose the air conditioner ?

heat and stuffiness always brought a lot of inconvenience to people.The first devices allowing easier to bear the summer heat, were fans.Then, they were replaced by air conditioning.Modern air conditioners not only cool and purify the air space, but it can be warm, ieThese devices are used throughout the year.

conditioners can now be seen in private apartments and houses, as well as almost all premises (offices, commercial facilities, schools, health facilities, etc.).The shops sell a variety of models of this variety of household appliances.And it is not surprising that consumers are thinking about how to choose the air conditioner.Especially that the upcoming buying quite expensive, and it would be desirable not to be mistaken in their choice.

Modern air conditioners are different from each other not only in size and price, but also the functionality, features mounting.

What conditioners are

Currently the following models of air conditioners on the market:

  • Mobile air conditioning.This is
    the best option for the occupants and those who do not want to mess with the installation for whatever reasons.This type of air conditioner simply placed on the floor, turn on the power grid, and you can immediately enjoy the fresh and cool air.
  • window air conditioner.It is the most affordable option.Such conditioners are usually designed to work in a room measuring from 15 to m2.Installing them is quite simple and not time consuming.The disadvantages are: reduction of the area of ​​the window;the inability to insert in a plastic box, elevated noise levels during operation.
  • Split (wall-mounted air conditioner) - a very popular option due to the great advantages compared with other models: the small size of the indoor unit;virtually silent operation;multifunctionality;the presence of the ionic filter.Split - systems are generally designed to work in rooms of 15 - 70 m2.They can be used in both residential and industrial, commercial or office buildings.The downside can be called higher as compared to the complexity of the window air conditioner installation.
  • Cassette air conditioner - a good option that can only be used in rooms with suspended ceilings.Plus, this system is that conditioner absolutely imperceptible and treated air flows into the room through the small cells in the ceiling.Cassette air conditioner is designed to operate in space from 20 to 50 m2.
  • Ducted air conditioning - also a very good option for those who want to do the air conditioner could not be seen, and it does not spoil the interior of the room.Installation, of course, require complex.In this system, the air enters into the air conditioner through the small holes leading into exhaust ducts and air release small holes produce the treated air back into the room.
  • Column conditioning - optimal for large buildings, as calculated from the 70 to 300kv / m.Perfect for large area halls, cinemas and so on. Hidden Block massive and placed on the floor.Due to the large capacity of it has a strong airflow is why next to it is prohibited.

answer to the question about what kind of conditioner to choose depends largely on whether the room in which you intend to operate.It is understood that the column does not make sense to put air conditioning in an apartment, and buy cassette model is not worth it, if your house is the usual ceiling.

functions conditioners

Talking about how to choose the air conditioner and it is impossible not to talk about the main features of this climate technology, its power.

The main function of any air conditioner is cooling and air purification indoors.And then the question arises: "And what power conditioner must be selected before the room was cool enough?".Keep in mind that in order to secure cooling air for every 10 m2 of your room space is required not less than 1 kW power conditioner.The correct air conditioning will maintain the set temperature in the room with great accuracy.

Most modern air-conditioners can not only cool, but also warm the air.Heating function is very useful in spring and autumn, when the houses becomes cool enough, and central heating has or does not work.Space heating can be carried out by one of two systems:

  • compressor system.Powered by the receiver, ie,Heat-pump.It is usually assumed that the air conditioning consumption 1 kW of electrical energy it releases approximately 2 - 3 kW of heat into the room.This is true only under the condition that the outdoor temperature is above 0 ° C. If the cold outside, the heat conditioning performance decreases dramatically.It begins to work in emergency mode, which can lead to rapid failure.
  • Electric heater, built-in air conditioning and designed for space heating in cold weather.

Another important feature is the air conditioner ventilation - air purification without any of its heat treatment.As a rule, ventilation proposed several speeds, with the presence of the inverter allows you to adjust the speed continuously.Fan operation is carried out without including the main air conditioner unit - the compressor.Those.the fan is placed in the indoor unit.

Modern air conditioners are able to clean the air not only on the "coarse" dust, and even pollen, and plus everything else and enrich oxygen and ionize.Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose the right air conditioner, you should learn more about this and its function.Air purification is carried out through the filter or filters (in different air conditioners can be a different number of them).The main filter is designed to delay the large dust particles and has the form of coarse mesh.There are also fine filters pollen, smoke, etc.For example, split-system (wall-mounted air conditioner) often includes the addition of a coarse filter and two more fine filter.One of them electrostatic.It attracts tiny particles of dust, pollen, soot, etc.The second filter - charcoal.It is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors in the room.

Seasons block

As mentioned above, modern air-conditioners can both cool and heat the indoor air, making them the most optimal climate for human life.How to choose the air conditioner capable of operating throughout the year?

If you plan to use air conditioning in summer and winter, then it must be a built-in unit all season.At its core, it is a device controls the fan and heats the crankcase of the compressor and drainage.Due to the off-season air conditioning unit can be operated even at twenty below.

However, keep in mind that the lower the outdoor temperature, the lower the efficiency of the air conditioner.Even if it contains all-season unit, at a temperature outside - 25 ° C, the heating capacity will decrease by about 70% of the nominal value.Therefore, for space heating in the conditions of severe frosts better to use conventional electric heaters or oil heaters.

units with all-season unit is usually used to cool the air in the premises, in which there is a lot of heat-generating equipment, such as in a server room.Normal ventilation of the premises with the help of the open air vents is not allowed, becausethus increasing the air humidity, which in turn could cause failure of equipment output.The only rational cooling of such rooms is air-conditioned and with built-in multi-grade unit.