How to choose a coffee maker ?

How to choose a coffee maker ?

Good morning begins with a good coffee.For some people, it is lived in vain all day without a cup of coffee in the morning.And how wonderful to wake up from your favorite beverage flavor, which brought a favorite straight to bed!Unfortunately, not every man and every woman did not even know how to cook good coffee, even if it is very expensive, or just a quick instant, and so let's look at how to choose a coffee maker.

There is one caveat - the coffee machine must be selected taking into account what kind of coffee you like espresso, plain, prepared in advance of the blend or grind your own.In accordance with this, the coffee machine are divided into these types:

  • Espresso,
  • Drip type (filtration),
  • Capsule,
  • mixed type.

Espresso makers

What kind of coffee maker to choose if you're a fan of espresso?Homonymous with coffee.The word "espresso" with the Italian language is translated as "pressure" or "under pressure."Coffee coffee powder steamed under pressure.To make this type of coffee you

want to use a special grinding grain.Even if you are very fond of cappuccino, coffee, this will suit you perfectly, as she, if desired, makes perfect milk froth and cappuccino coffee is obtained.

Shops will offer you to choose between two types of coffee makers:

  • Steam-Espresso - a conservative coffee, which makes the coffee in small amounts (approximately up to 4 cups).The brewing process is slow, because the pressure is low - somewhere 4 bar.The disadvantage is that the water can be overheated to a temperature of 100 degrees, and optimally for this drink is considered 87-95 degrees.All the water that is in the Steam-Espresso, brought to a boil, and then the water turns into steam.Upon reaching the limit of its vapor, the water goes through the open valve into the container with beverage.
  • Pump-Espresso - is a perfect coffee.Its principle of operation: integrated inside the solenoid pump, it creates the desired pressure in the boiler.From a single vessel in the boiler is fed cold water, it turns into a hot drink and passes through.

Tea Pump-Espresso coffee making higher quality than its predecessor, as it complies with the desired temperature of the drink.As well as the appliance is more economical than the first one.

Espresso makers are also called carob due to the fact that the coffee beans are put into specially designed horn.If the horn is made of metal, the coffee will be better and more delicious.Price of such devices in the range from 150 to 2000 dollars and dollars.

Drip coffeemakers

If you do not know how to choose a coffee maker for home, you can buy the most simple of them - dropping.Not only is the cost of the device ranges from 500 to 1500 rubles, coffee heats the water up to the optimum temperature.The heating of the water, it starts to drip on the milled coffee and beans give it its unique flavor.The downside is that coffee may not get quite so rich and delicious, distinctive flavor because the grain is obtained from essential oils, which are inside them.The vast amount of essential oils contained in the beverage when water flows at high pressure through the coffee beans.A drip type coffee machine in the water does not pass, and drips on the milled grain.

Capsule coffee makers

This type of coffee machines has become very popular lately.If you want to know how to choose a coffee maker, pay attention to this kind of coffee appliances.The only negative - for the machine needed special capsules, which contain the finished coffee powder, and can be found in every store.So, if you want one serving terrific coffee, just charge one capsule in the coffee maker.You can choose any flavor of coffee, a lot of them.The more that you do not have to think about whether you are properly obmololi and covered coffee beans.Yet you have to be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to prepare the ground coffee.

cost of such coffee makers is not a small - 7,000 - 17,500 rubles.

Coffee mixed type

If we combine together the espresso and coffee maker drip coffee maker, you get an excellent variant of the device, which is suitable for lovers of the usual coffee and cappuccino lovers.The downside is that you need a different coffee grind.

How to choose a coffee maker

If you want to choose a good device for a delicious coffee, pay attention to several important criteria:

  • power.The lower the value of this criterion, the weaker the coffee you drink.If you want a strong drink?Choose a coffee machine with good power.This is especially important when the machine is not possible to set the strength of the drink, which you want.
  • filter.The standard coffee machine is set to a nylon filter of conventional type.Its validity period is relatively large, the filter lasts for 60 zavarok.But the more time using nylon filter, the worse the taste of the drink.Therefore, the best would be to use disposable paper filters.However, such filters are the ideal option only for those who are willing to spend extra time on the daily replacement and shopping.If you do not have time, stop your choice on the "golden filter."This is also a nylon filter, but it has a coating of titanium nitride.

Special features coffee makers

  • water level indicator.Coffee with such a function is particularly convenient.Sometimes they even have a scale indicating the number of spoons, which will help you get the most delicious coffee.Coffee is more cost complicated in its structure, it tells you how much coffee is better to put in water to make a drink taste turned out the way you like it.The next time you decide to brew coffee, on the display you will see all the data that was introduced in the last time and will be able to make exactly the same facilities.Class premimum models provide the automatic dosage.You choose the type of beverage and the indicators do show you exactly what ingredients and how much will need to add in the coffee maker.
  • Auto heating.All normal modern phones have this feature.It makes it possible to display the cooled coffee into the same cup, in which it is sealed.The taste turns out very good.As long as you do not want to turn off the coffee maker, auto heater will work.Some models have an additional function - auto switch-off of heating that occurs after the machine has been working for 3 to 5 hours continuously.
  • Regulation beverage strength.This feature is provided with drip coffee makers premium.
  • grinder.The most excellent taste, the coffee gets when coffee beans are ground just before falling asleep in the unit.So you can look for the coffee machine with this handy feature.
  • indicator of purity of water and filter pollution.This function is in expensive models of drip coffee makers.This is especially important if you are using a nylon filter, or gold.

Hopefully, now that you know well how to choose a coffee maker, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the unique taste of quality coffee.