How to choose a food processor ?

What is not present today on shelves of shops of home appliances, already eyes run up. But with such a commodity abundance, it is sometimes very difficult to choose something. In addition, on our kitchens and so full of all kinds of equipment, often unnecessary, that takes up a lot of space. But still, despite all this, I would like to have at home one, but the most reliable assistant in the cooking of food and throw away all that is superfluous. But how to choose a food processor?

How to make the right choice? Let's try to understand this issue together. What is worth, first of all, pay attention to when choosing it.

Compactness of the

Compactness of the device. If there is not so much space in your kitchen, then you will hardly be able to buy a huge universal unit, since you simply will not be able to place it there, since choosing a food processor is half the battle, it still needs to be put in the kitchen so thathe did not bother anyone. In this case, you will have to look at the model, which

will be equipped with a small number of the most necessary functions for you. Plus, these combines are also in the fact that they are inexpensive.

If you have a place, and you intend to purchase a large universal food processor, then you are already looking at its price, which directly depends on how many functions it contains.


In the question of which food processor to choose, most importantly, look at what engine is placed in the model you are looking at, how many speeds there are, since the engine is the heart of your car, and it depends on it how it will work. In simple machines, only one speed, in more complex of them there are four or more, such engines make up to 12,000 rpm. Low speeds are intended for mixing products, high for their grinding.

Engine power is also important, but here you need to focus on the volume of the combine harvester. For a 1.5-liter bowl, the power is 400 watts, and a three-liter bowl needs 700 watts of power.


The bowl of the combine is made of various materials: glass, plastic and metal. Metal is suitable for making minced meat. Bowls of thermo glass can be put on the fire, which is very convenient when preparing sauces, since there is no need to shift the contents from one dish to another. Bowls are often out of order more often than other parts of the combine. Glass beats, plastic breaks. That is why sometimes bowls are sold separately.

Ideal option, purchase two bowls at once, so that during the cooking of a large number of different dishes you do not have to constantly wash one single bowl.

You also need to know in advance which capacity should be the bowl of your combine, how many products you plan to process. If you have a small family, and you do not cover large dinner parties, then a bowl with a volume of 3 liters you obviously do not need. By the way, not all combines can process a small amount of products, and therefore, if you need this function, ask the seller beforehand whether a particular model can do it.


How to choose the right food processor? Pay attention to the nozzles, as they will crush, knead, mix and whisk. What nozzles are in the blender:

  • Knife. It is made of stainless steel, sometimes it is sprayed on, which gives the knife greater strength. The knife is needed for grinding and chopping, and they can also prepare pate.
  • Disc knife. It is designed for slicing, as well as shredding cabbage and lettuce.
  • Knife in the form of two blades on a plastic base - holder. Such a knife cuts the products into irregularly shaped pieces. The longer you hold the button on, the more grinding will be.
  • Disc-grater. This nozzle is ideal for shredding and rubbing.
  • Disk knife. This is a knife for cutting french fries, as well as vegetable shavings, for cutting vegetables with bruski and straw.
  • Juicer-centrifuge. With this nozzle, you can prepare fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Corolla. This nozzle will allow you to whip the cream, egg whites, mix sauces and even cook mayonnaise. Suitable for preparation of pancakes and any other liquid dough. The lid on the bowl distinguishes the food processor from a simple mixer, as during the whipping process the dough does not scatter around the kitchen.
  • Nozzle for kneading dough. It can be made in the form of a spatula or a curved hook. The dough in the combine is not simply mixed only in one place of the working bowl, but moves over the entire inner surface of the bowl, on the walls of which there is no flour or other products left. And the dough is mixed very well, it turns out to be homogeneous, which is not always possible with manual kneading.
  • Maxi press. They are good at cooking mashed potatoes from boiled vegetables, as well as fruits and berries that do not contain pits.
  • Meat grinder. This nozzle is no different from the usual meat grinder, and plus it is that, having it as a nozzle to the combine, you do not have to spend money on a separate meat grinder, which will save you money and space in the kitchen.

Having studied all available attachments, you must decide for yourself which ones you need. What kind of food processor to choose depends on what set of baits you need. Remember, perhaps, one of the listed items is in your house in the form of a separate technique, for example, a mixer or a meat grinder. And if you do not plan to throw them away, and are going to use them, then you hardly need a combine harvester with the function of a meat grinder or a mixer.

An important role is played by whether there is a place in the food processor for storing all the baits presented in this model. It is very convenient when everything is compactly placed and not lying around the various boxes in the kitchen.

So, when deciding how to choose the right food processor, you do not need to hurry. It is necessary to approach this case with all thoroughness and care, and then the food processor will be an excellent assistant in your kitchen. Successful purchase!

How to choose a food processor?