How to choose a microwave oven ?

How to choose a microwave oven?

Before going to the store for a microwave oven, be sure to determine for what purposes you need it. If only in order to heat the already prepared food, there is no sense to overpay for grilling and convection. We hope that our idea is clear and simple: before choosing a microwave oven, decide what functions you may need.

Microwave Oven Functions

The cheapest microwave ovens can heat up your food. However, it is possible to cook different dishes in them, but not as conveniently as in more expensive microwave ovens. Plus, virtually every modern oven now has a defrosting mode for frozen food.

If you want to cook a wide range of dishes, then focus on microwave ovens with a grill function. You can bake meat, make delicious sandwiches-toasts with a crispy crust and similar dishes.

Grill today can be of two types:

  1. TEN Grill;
  2. Quartz grill.

If you take a microwave oven with a TEN grill, then give preference to a microwave with a movable TEN.Thus, you will have more oppor

tunities in cooking different dishes. Quartz grill, as a rule, is not so powerful, but, as a consequence, consumes less electricity.

The convection function in microwave ovens is a mode in which heated air is distributed at the microwave oven as evenly as possible, usually by means of a built-in fan. Such a function will not be superfluous, that's for sure.

Of course, the stoves with grill and convection also have their drawbacks, namely:

  • Large sizes;
  • Greater weight;
  • Significant power consumption;
  • High price.

The choice is yours. In the meantime, consider another important factor.

Volume of microwave oven

Before choosing a microwave oven, think about the fact that its volume plays a big role. Today, all microwaves can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Up to twenty liters;
  2. From twenty to twenty eight liters;
  3. From twenty eight to forty two liters.

The choice of volume, of course, is determined only by its purpose. In a large-volume oven, you can place large containers for food. If you, for example, live alone, it makes no sense to buy a microwave oven for 28 liters. Buy an oven with a small volume and there will fit only one plate. Otherwise the situation is if you have a large family.

The most common in our time are medium volume microwave ovens( 20-28 liters).Most often such furnaces include the function of the grill, and sometimes convection.

When choosing a stove, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the pallet that rotates. This is a working area, and the wider it is, the more you can naturally put on it.

It should also be understood that the larger the volume of the microwave oven, the greater will be its dimensions. So, you need more space for it. But it often happens that the kitchens in our apartments do not differ in size. Therefore, before buying a microwave oven, estimate the size of your kitchen and the area where you plan to put it.

Covering the chamber from the inside

Often the walls of the working chamber of the normal "microwave oven" have a special coating. This coating can be both enamel and stainless steel or other material. Enamel is distinguished by its strength, smooth surface, and besides, it is convenient to clean. It occurs, as a rule, in most furnaces. However, the most durable yet it is considered a coating of stainless steel.

Now you know how to choose a microwave oven. We did not deliberately touch upon this issue, such as capacity, for example. After all, everything is clear: the more powerful it is, the faster it will prepare food, but the more electricity it will consume.