How to choose multivarku ?

How to choose a multivark?

Multivarka - a wonderful kitchen unit, which certainly will not be superfluous. This tool will allow you to cook food for a couple, fry it, just boil in water, stew and even bake. And what is required of you? Download the products inside and select the mode. However, before that you should find out how to choose the right multivark. After all, in stores today is a very rich choice of this kindness. One is simply more beautiful than the other, and the price range allows you to choose both a budget option and a very expensive multivark. Today we will tell you how to choose a multivark and what you should pay attention to.

How it works

To competently approach the selection, you first need to understand the device multivarka. It works from electricity, its base - the body, inside which there is a heating element. Here, on the body, a container with a non-stick coating is installed for heat treatment of food( bowl).For simplicity and convenience, the multivarc is controlled by means of an in

tegrated microprocessor. To remove excess steam in the multivarker, there must necessarily be a steam valve. Very good, when the multivark is equipped with a reliable system of hermetic closure of the lid.

Which multivark to choose

So, what characteristics of the multivark should be paid attention in the first place? Of course, the first factor will be its power. The higher the power, the faster the food will be prepared. See that the power factor is not lower than 490 watts. The second important characteristic is the volume of the capacity for cooking. It can vary from two and a half to six liters. The optimum indicator of volume will be 3.5 - 4.5 liters. Also pay attention to the non-stick coating of the bowl. The more it "steeper", the better. After all, there are bowls with a conventional non-stick coating, but are found, for example, with a five-layer marble spraying. Of course, and the price in this case will be appropriate.

Typically, the number of programs in the multivark varies from five to ten pieces. Control can be carried out with the help of the touch screen, and with the help of buttons. If you want, for example, to come to work from work to find a ready-made dish, then it will be appropriate to take a multivark with the "Delay start" mode. You mortgage products, program the multivark so that it turns on, for example, twenty minutes before your arrival, and with a clear conscience go to work. And when you return, you will find a fresh and such a desired dish! Usually the maximum delay of the start is 13 hours, which is enough with the head.

Choose a multivark with a sealed valve that can protect you from a burn. Also the most safe are multivarkes with a non-detachable cord, although they are not so convenient to store as with a detachable one.

In addition to all of the above, there are multivarks with pens, and there are without them. This, of course, is immaterial, but the multivarker with the handle is much more convenient to use. Although if you have already allocated a specific place in the kitchen under the multivark, the pen is optional. By the way, put it in the kitchen in such a way as to exclude the chance of getting water on it. If water enters, for example, into the connector between the detachable cord and the multivark, this can lead to a short circuit.

Which firm to choose the multivark

Of course, specific advice is very difficult to give on this issue. It all depends on your budget. However, we will give you an absolutely unequivocal recommendation: do not trust any dubious, unknown firms. No matter how attractive you are to the price of the multivark, its appearance or the assurances of the seller-consultant who simply fulfills the plan. If there is such an opportunity, give preference to some, for example, German multivark, and not made in China. Try to follow our advice and do not save. We are sure, in this case, you will be able to choose a multivariate that will serve you more than one year.