How to remove the drum of the washing machine ?

How do I remove the washing machine drum?

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How do I remove the drum of a washing machine?

In order to repair the washing machine or to clean the tank of foreign objects, it is necessary to remove the drum. This requires careful removal of the parts to prevent damage to other parts of the equipment.

How to safely remove the drum of the washing machine

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to remove a piece called a pulley from the drum of the drum: unscrew the bolt on which the part is fastened. To prevent the pulley from moving with the shaft, pre-fix the part with a piece of timber.
  2. If you can not unscrew the fastener, it will need to be heated with a gas burner or soldering iron. The bolt is tightened very tightly so that it does not twist while the machine is running.
  3. After you unscrew the bolt, pull the pulley towards you, swinging it in different directions.
  4. Using a wooden bar, knock out the shaft from the bearings. Knock out necessary until the drum is not rested in the tank.
  5. Before removing the drum, it is necessary to disassemble the tank of the washing machine: remove the bolts and fasteners.
  6. After you disassemble the tank, you can also remove the drum itself.
  7. When removing the drum from a washing machine with a disposable tank, it is necessary to open the structure with a hacksaw. But after troubleshooting, you will need to purchase a new tank and then install it.

On the intricacies of dismantling the washing machine, see our article How to disassemble the machine.

Tips for caring for the washing machine you'll find in the article How to clean the washing machine drum from mold. Here the author will talk about the external and internal cleaning, as well as talk about cleaning the filter and the drum from scale and mold.

Service repair of washing machine

Separately I want to note that if you find a serious breakdown in the washing machine, then the most correct decision will be to turn it over for repair. Preference should be given not to small firms engaged in the repair of household appliances, but to the official service center.

  • To diagnose and solve the problem, you need to take the equipment to the service center and then contact the company, which is engaged in cargo transportation;
  • On site it is required to submit an application in which it is necessary to reflect the model of the machine, the year of manufacture and the signs of breakage;
  • The employee of the center is obliged to inform you about the terms and amount of the repair;
  • When it's time to pick up the equipment, make sure that all the breakdowns are eliminated and the machine is in working order.