How to choose the MFP ?

Multifunctional devices( MFPs) combine the functions of a scanner, printer and copier. Sometimes there are devices in which there is a fax function. These technical devices are becoming more popular, and their choice in the trading network is huge. Therefore, when buying, often there are questions about how to choose the MFPs and what first of all it is necessary to pay attention.

MFPs have a number of advantages.

  • The device is very compact and takes up little space;
  • The price of the MFP is much less than the cost of separately purchased devices, such as a printer, copier and scanner.
  • It is simply installed, this requires one driver and only one

cable. In the event of a power failure, you can lose the printer, scanner and copier. But, the risk of breakage is not very big.

If in the store the cost of the MFP is almost equal to the cost of a separate copier, so what's the point of saving, if you can buy additional functions for the same money. Before buying a machine, you need to de

cide for the house or for the office it is purchased.

MFP for home

Buying a multifunctional device for working at home, a large amount of printing work is not required. Therefore, such devices can have a low cost at a sufficiently high printing speed. Asking yourself the question of how to choose an MFP for a house, you have to decide what exactly you want to buy. For many consumers, the color quality function is very important, which allows you to print color photographs from a digital camera. As an example of an MFP for a home, you can opt for the Hewlett Packard PSC 1410, a low-cost device that costs $ 90.It is quite compact and has a device with a inkjet print principle. In the MFP, a black and white cartridge and color cartridges that are easy to refill. More expensive models have higher print quality. These include the Epson company models, they are known for the excellent characteristics of their printers. If you need good quality photos, you should pay attention to expensive models of inkjet MFPs.

MFP for office

For office work, color printing is not so important. Here the priority is on the quality side and the economical consumption of black and white printing. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to devices that have a laser principle. A good choice will be the model Samsung SCX-4100.Its cost is about 180 dollars. Color printing is not available, but it has a built-in scanner, and the resource of its cartridge is 3000 pages. If the house does not need color printing, such an MFP will be an excellent option for a home.

What are the criteria to be guided when choosing the necessary device. Consider how to choose a laser MFP.The main parameter is the number of printed pages produced. If you print more than it is, the MFP will quickly fail, and then you will have to make big repairs. As a result, it may turn out that it is more profitable to buy a less productive device. When you choose, the number of functions that the MFP possesses also has significance. For example, the clarity of scanning depends on the optical resolution of the scanning device.

Often when choosing a technical tool guided by the price. For MFPs, this approach is not entirely correct. Saving on buying, in the future it can turn into a significant expense in its operation. Spare parts of devices periodically require replacement. Therefore it is recommended to study the list of consumables and their price.

Color Laser Multifunction Meter

The most high-tech of the devices is a laser color multifunctional device. In addition, it has a large set of functions. Therefore, before choosing an MFP, it is necessary to analyze everything well. Consumers who dream of having everything: a scanner, a copier and a color printing often make their choice in favor of a color multifunction device. For a home, such a tool can be bought relatively inexpensively by selecting a simple model. This option is ideal if you need to print small amounts of text and images in color, and this device will also print color photos from the camera. If you need high quality color printing, you should see more expensive models. Copying documents can also be done in color mode. If you compare laser and inkjet printers, the first has a large cartridge life, it rarely requires refilling, so you should give priority to the laser device. Famous brands include Samsung, Xerox, Dell, HP.These manufacturers offer their customers a large selection of laser color MFPs that have excellent characteristics. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a fax, the speed of printing, the possibilities of two-sided printing, and then make a purchase.

Selecting a multifunctional device is quite difficult, since in fact at least three devices are selected and each of them you need. When buying, you must be extremely careful not to be so that you bought expensive equipment, and eventually it turns out that the scanner built into it turned black and white. Therefore, it is always better to make an accurate determination of your wishes and requirements before purchasing and consult with specialists on all issues. Also worth thinking about service. Very often such services are carried out by firms that sell the MFPs. Maybe you should buy a device that will cost a little more, but you will be sure of reliable service.

Now you know the information on how to select the MFP.It will help you choose the device with an ideal price-performance ratio, the work it produces. We wish you good luck!

How to choose an MFP?