How to connect the plate Tricolor ?

How to connect the plate Tricolor?

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How to connect a Tricolor dish?

"Tricolor TV" is a popular satellite operator that offers its clients an extensive list of TV channels of different types. To get access to them, you need to purchase a plate, and then properly install and configure it. Let's consider further how to do this work yourself.

Installing the Tricolor TV dish:

instruction To perform the installation of the Tricolor TV dish correctly, do the following:

  1. Determine where the satellite dish will be installed. In order for it to work correctly, it is necessary to find a point where the roof visors, pipes and other elements will not obstruct the reception of the signal. At the same time, keep in mind that the satellite is in the south. Therefore, it is better to choose a place for installing the antenna on this side. In this apartment, you can put a plate directly on the balcony, in a private house - on the roof.
  2. Proceed to assembly of the antenna. Do this in accordance wit
    h the instructions attached to it.
  3. Fix the bracket with the holder to the place where the dish is planned to be installed. Fasteners for it must be chosen reliable, depending on the material of the surface on which the installation takes place, and wind load.
  4. Install the convector. It is fixed directly into the holder, always with the connector down, so that moisture does not get inside.
  5. Connect the cable to the convector that comes with the tray in the appropriate connector. Then attach it to the arch of the holder using plastic ties or an insulating tape. Then the made connection to the convector should be isolated with the help of paint tape and silicone sealant.
  6. Install the antenna on the bracket. Be sure to lock it using the adjusting nuts. But do not twist them too tightly, otherwise you will not be able to subsequently move the plate in the vertical and horizontal planes for adjustment.

Setting the

Plate To install and connect the Tricolor TV antenna - this is half the battle, it is also necessary to configure it. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the cable from the convector to the receiver LNB IN.
  2. Connect the receiver to the TV( refer to the manual for this) using the cord that comes with it.
  3. Turn on the TV, and then go to the plate and start smoothly moving it horizontally until the signal appears on the receiver.
  4. On the remote control, go to the receiver, select "Menu", and in it - "Automatic search" and wait until all channels are found.

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