How to choose a meat grinder ?

Technological progress does not stand still, and many housewives have already managed to evaluate all the advantages of an electric meat grinder over its hand-held analog. The electric meat grinder is an excellent assistant in the kitchen. After all, in a few minutes she can scroll through a large amount of meat, turning it into mince. This meat grinder is useful not only for processing meat. With the help of special attachments you can grate vegetables, chop the sausages and cheese, squeeze the juice. Many believe that all these functions are performed by a food processor, but this is not the case. The combine often lacks the capacity and functions to manipulate hard meat. Therefore, the question arises as to how to choose a meat grinder. We will now talk about this, considering the most important parameters.

Power grinder

Power is one of the most important parameters when choosing a device. It depends on it, how much the meat mincer will be productive, cope with complex tasks, such as processing h

ard meat. The volume of the processed product depends on the capacity.

It is best to prefer a meat grinder with a power of 1000 watts. Such devices can be twisted from 0.8 to 1.5 meat at a time. If you need a small mincer, you can choose a model with a power of up to 400 watts, but you need to understand that it can not cope with serious work. By the way, speaking, some manufacturers in addition to power indicate the number of kilograms per unit time, for example, 2 kg / min. When deciding how to choose a meat grinder, it is worth considering both parameters.

With careful and delicate use of an electric meat grinder, you most likely will not feel the difference between similar in power models, but with different performance times. But when performing complex tasks, such as making minced meat from hard, large-sliced ​​meat, the difference is very significant.

Case material

When choosing a meat grinder, it is very important to pay attention to the material of the electric meat grinder. How to choose the right option?- you ask. It is worth mentioning that today stainless steel and dense plastic are used. The latter is somewhat cheaper, but one should not think that it is lower in quality. The plastic that is used for the meat grinder is quite sturdy and able to withstand the load from the device. It is not inferior to the hygienic and aesthetic characteristics of meat grinders with a metal casing.

The stainless coating looks somewhat more expensive, but when choosing a meat grinder, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's firm and the quality of the metal. Some firms quite often cheapen the device due to the low quality of metal, which eventually rusts and spoils the taste of food. In order to choose a meat grinder with which it will be pleasant to work, it is worthwhile to hold the device in your hands. Buy the one that you like best and fit into the interior of your kitchen.

Body construction

It is best to prefer such a shape that the bowl for minced meat or vegetables is installed close to it. This will not allow the electric meat grinder to be made convex or flat, so it's best to choose a slightly streamlined model. It is worth paying attention to the height of the neck. It should not be higher than the length of your fingers. In addition, the neck should be narrow, this will protect you from getting your fingers in the area of ​​the knives.

The auger is another important part that you need to pay attention to. It moves the product from the inlet mouth to the outlet. Augers are made of metal or plastic. The first is designed to work with meat, the second - with vegetables. It is advisable that your mincers have both augers.

When answering the question of how to choose the right electric grinder, we can not say about the design of the hull itself. So, if you have a little space in the kitchen, it is better to stop on models with a folding body, for example, the company Bosch. Also pay attention to the recesses for storing attachments and cord. Such seemingly minor gadgets will save you a place on the kitchen table.

Electric motor

For an average customer, the question: how to choose a meat grinder, reduces only to the choice of nozzles, design and versatility. However, many forget about such an important detail as an electric motor.

If you decide to purchase a good model, it is important that the mincer has such a function as a reverse. This is nothing more than the ability of the electric motor to rotate the auger in the opposite direction. This function is very useful for cleaning the metal shaft from cores when processing hard meat. If there is no reverse, you will have to disassemble the device for self-cleaning the auger.

In addition, pay attention to such functions of the electric motor as the interlock and the fuse. Blocking is extremely important if you have a small child. This will save your kid's hands if he suddenly decides to play with the meat grinder. A fuse will save the device from overheating and congestion with intensive loads of the meat grinder.

Accessories and nozzles

Today, the electric meat grinder has become quite a functional device. In addition to processing meat, it can work with vegetables, sausages, make spaghetti. All this is possible thanks to special nozzles, which are important to pay attention to when choosing an electric meat grinder.

If you want to have a universal device in the kitchen, then you should prefer a model with a lot of attachments. Most often there are vegetable cutters, large and small graters, and shredders. If you like dishes from vegetables, then be sure to get these useful devices.

In addition, there are nozzles for making noodles and spaghetti. There are special nozzles for making stuffed sausages. If you need a meat grinder only for making minced meat, then you do not need to overpay extra money. There are also various devices for easy operation. For example, you can purchase a pusher to promote products or brushes to clean the nozzles. Manufacturers of electric meat grinders are constantly upgrading their models, so the market for various baits is simply huge. What to choose is up to you.

How to choose a meat grinder of high-quality company

When choosing an electric meat grinder, the company plays not the least role. Choose only those manufacturers that you know and trust. Do not once again take risks and experiment with unfamiliar brands. So, meat mincers from Bosch, Tefal, Vitek, Bork, Kenwood have long established themselves in the market for these devices.

So, I hope that now you know how to choose the right meat grinder, which will become your friend and assistant in the kitchen. If you decide to buy this excellent device, then read another of our articles - "What kind of meat grinder to buy?", In order to make the right choice.

How to choose a meat grinder?