Do you need THAT?

Do you need THAT?

Vehicle inspection is not a mere formality, but ensuring your safety on the road. With the introduction of new rules for the passage of MOT, there were many questions and confusion about this. Do you need TO, how long does it take to get through it, do it yourself or ask for help from specialized companies? It's not necessary to get frustrated ahead of time, everything can be sorted out and without any problems you can pass a technical inspection of the car and get a ticket yourself.

Why do I need a technical inspection of

? One of the most frequently asked questions: is it necessary to pass inspection at all? Of course, it is necessary! In order to avoid various troubles on the roads, pass TO, it is necessary without fail. If you drive a car without a pass for TO, you risk losing license plates and getting a ban on driving this car. At the first stop, your car is entered in the database and when you re-meet with the traffic police, your iron friend will be sent to the penalty area.

Technical inspection of the new car

The second, often asked question: do you need a vehicle inspection, which you just bought? The law states that on a newly acquired car, the period of free movement is 30 days from the moment of its registration. During this period, the owner must pass the maintenance at one of the state bus stations and get a coupon, which will indicate the date of the next inspection.

Many drivers are concerned about whether a vehicle inspection certificate is required at all, and why carry it with you? According to the new legislation, without a coupon of inspection, it is impossible to buy a MTPL policy. But it is not necessary to carry it, and even more so to show traffic police officers. At the same time, you do not need a vehicle inspection if there is insurance. But if you are the owner of a new car, or your car is less than three years old, a coupon is not needed at all. Since all information about new cars will be stored in a common database and it is this information, and not the presence of a coupon will be proof of the legality of your car.

From here follows a new question, do you need a vehicle inspection, the age of which is up to 3 years? The first inspection of the machine should take place after three years from the beginning of operation, then the frequency of maintenance is once every two years, and when the car turns seven - THAT needs to pass every year. From this we can conclude that the inspection must pass under the new legislation, as well as the old, but it is now a little easier to do. Car owners can choose the place of passing the TO, now it can be done in any region, and the procedure itself should take no more than 40 minutes. For more information you can get by following the links: "Do I need a vehicle inspection?" And "Do I need a vehicle inspection?"