How to choose a steamer at home?

How to choose a steamer at home?

Before we tell you how to choose steamer for home, find out what it is better than traditional irons.The most important difference is that when the steamer is not in contact with the fabric, and therefore it is practically not subjected to damage.Completely eliminate the negative impact on the fabric will not work because of the impact on the fiber hot steam jets.However, they are so carefully, that the wear of the fabric is minimized.Another advantage of the Garment Steamer before the irons that use them to easily ironed such complicated things like curtains, curtains and so on. N.

What steamer buy

home to for steaming garments device is not delivered to you trouble, and was flawless inoperation, it is necessary to consider in choosing these criteria.

Power steamer

With such criteria as power is connected at the steamer and its speed.The more powerful device, the faster it will be to deal with the problem and will not have restrictions on the type of fabric.Universal indicator is the number

of 1800 watts and higher.Such devices can be easily ironed complicated things, coarse fabrics, and even clean car upholstery.Steamers power of 1400-1600 watts predominantly found among the manual models, more convenient for travel than for a house.

number of modes, depending on the model steamer may have from 3 to 10 modes.What is more, the device is more professional.However, for more functions will have to pay more.

Material steam ironing ironing

in Garment Steamer can be a plastic or metal surface.The latter is better heated, which means that effective impact on the folds.

type of water used in the

For steamer in its tank is filled with water, and for many models it is essential, as it will be - simple or distilled.Expensive models are less choosy and work in ordinary water from the tap.It is therefore important to consider exactly where you are ready to save - on the acquisition of the device itself or on the water, which then will buy for him.

Available accessories

Many people want to buy a steamer with attachments.What they are and what is needed?

  • clip trousers.This tip helps create arrows on trousers or pleats on skirts.
  • trim for collars and pockets.Enclose the back of the collar and let his pockets and do not lose shape when stripping.
  • brush.With its help clean the fabric of small villi.
  • Mitten.It protects hands from hot steam, which is especially handy when working with small things.
  • hangers for clothes.It allows you to conveniently place the item securely locking it in one position.

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