What is the bike ?

What is a motorcycle?

In 1885, two German engineers - V. Maybach and G. Daimler - invented an unusual vehicle called a motorcycle. In translation "motorcycle" means "moving wheel( circle)".The first two-wheeled unit was not very similar to the bike that we are used to seeing now on our( but not on our) roads. This embodiment of human genius was made of wood, the wheels were also not iron. Yes, and the wheel was not two, but four - two large and two small, like a bicycle "Bunny", and under the saddle was quite comfortably placed 1.5 "horse".

Then, looking at this miracle, the Germans of that time recognized what a motorcycle was. And who then could think that after some incomplete 200 years the motorcycle will be transformed beyond recognition: it will weigh less than 100 kg and accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds.

History of

The history of motorcycle construction in different countries developed in different ways. Japan and Italy focused on speed, the United States was very popular

with choppers, and the Harley-Davidson brand is a vivid confirmation of this. But in the Soviet Union, citizens are very fond of motorcycles with a sidecar, and that had its own, understandable, explanation. After all, at that time the car was really a luxury, and some "Jupiter" or "Dnepr-11" with a drive through the cardan could compete in cross-country ability and carrying capacity with "Moskvich".

Therefore, it is quite clear that the glorious family of motorcycles for a certain period divided into different categories, which are characterized by different qualities, well, and accordingly, the price.

Kinds of motorcycles

About what motorcycles are, you can judge by their technical characteristics and appearance.

  • Sportbike( sports bike) is a "car" that can melt asphalt under its wheels and outrun the sparrow on take-off. Such motorcycles are equipped with the latest technology and are maximally adapted for high speeds. For example, in such motorcycles much is borrowed from an automobile design: disk brakes, damper system of shock-absorbers, special rubber. On such a motorcycle the driver more fulfills the role of a pilot than a driver - a joke, 300 km / h!- here without a helmet, not that gradually graying hair spontaneously separate from the insane head, but you will not have to shave - depilation will go naturally.
  • Chopper. But sometimes you have to travel a motorcycle quite far, and in the "shrimp" pose - so often called high-speed riders - it's not very convenient to go( and if there's a passenger behind!).In general, not a good picture! Therefore, in this case it is better to change to a chopper - a low direct landing of the rider, an additional rear( raised above the triker) seat. Nothing reminiscent of the classic "biker" style of riding? Try it at least once to understand what a chopper is. Yes, with such a technique it is possible to get to Moscow from Chukotka to buy notebooks by the beginning of the school year!
  • Enduro. Sometimes the road does not always lie on an impeccable, well asphalt road - there are( and quite often) areas where the asphalt is simply missing. But for enduro this has never been an obstacle.

Having such a motorcycle can easily overcome the most impassable places. The presence of protection for the hands, a large front wing, preventing the throwing of dirt, and an excellent suspension ensure reliable movement across rough terrain.

But most importantly, what is the attraction of all motorcycles - is the opportunity to break away from the passage of time in the sense of opportunity to overtake the wind, and in the enjoyment of freedom. Though for an hour, even for a moment.