What do the first THEN ?

What do the first THEN ?

safety on the roadway depends not only on the knowledge of traffic rules, but also on the technical condition of the vehicle movement.Every vehicle registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, subject to the passage necessarily in accordance with the law.

Let's talk more about the procedure and what they do on the first TO.

Who holds that?

Until 2013 the procedure was carried traffic police authorities, but now great demand for services of private organizations.Car owner chooses a maintenance operator.

To pass then there is the recently established electronic registration via the Internet to save time and nerves in the queues.

On the timing of the TO

If you are the owner of a new car in the first three years of its operation, you are exempt from passing the MOT, in subsequent years, you will need to be inspected every two years.If the period of use of your car more than 7 years, then that is held annually.For specialized buses, such as, for example, taxi, and the taxi passenger dea

dline passing inspection - every six months.

Preparation for MOT

  • Before the first MOT your vehicle is required to collect and pay all your existing receipts fines.
  • Do not forget to bring your passport.
  • Have emergency signs, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are required in the trunk!
  • Take care of the appearance of your car, check that the oil or brake fluid leaks, headlights and work lights turn signals.

It is mandatory on the ground then you will check brakes, horn, steering the overall play, dipped and main beam, front and rear windshield wipers and so on. D.

What regulates that?

inspection carried out in the Russian Federation free of charge, and the amount depends on the number executed after rabot.Esli TO-1 were detected any faults or inadequacies of safety, the owner is required to undergo re-MOT no later than 20 calendar days.

the procedure involves checking compliance with the technical condition of the vehicle GOST requirements and relevant standards.Verification subject to the motor and braking system, the tires and wheels of the car, suspension, frame, lighting fixtures, that the seat belts and ensure the availability of special vehicle (first aid kit, license plate number), as mentioned just above.

positive state machine that meets the requirements, provides not only the passage of TO, but also safety on the roadway as the driver and the pedestrian.

on additional details of the process and to verify THEN read the article when to pass inspection.

Documentation required

To pass MOT required the following documents:

  1. Identity of the driver card;
  2. Driver's license;
  3. Chattel CTP;
  4. Documents on car ownership or authorization for possession of a vehicle, be sure notarized;
  5. If the machine has advertising or your toned glass, it is necessary to submit authorization;
  6. Receipt of payment of tax for the MOT.

details on the package of documents for admission to then read the article What you need to pass inspection.You may also be useful to our article How to pass inspection.