How to choose a steamer ?

How to choose a steamer ?

Steamer - irreplaceable thing in the kitchen of every housewife.Firstly, cook it in a very simple and not expensive.Secondly, dishes, steamed, it is useful for any other.Also, watch the cooking process and virtually do not need to wash the machine is very easy.So you want to buy a steamer?So, we proceed to the question of how to choose steamer.

Before buying a steamer decide which parameters in it for you is very important and which are not fundamental.To do this, we tell about them.

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  • Power Steamer home ranges from 700 to 2500 watts.
  • management system.There are a double boiler with electronic control and mechanical type.With electronically controlled pressure cooker is equipped with an electronic scoreboard.Steamers with a more functional management type.In mechanical control switch set the cooking time that is necessary to turn to the right division.
  • tray is required for accumulation of condensate in it.There steamers, whose number corresponds to the number of cups of pallets.
  • Steam basket: their volume and quantity.There are a variety of steamers with one or more containers for products.Still further in the set is usually present "rice bowl", in fact, it is the capacity to cook in a double boiler cereals.Its bottom without holes, allowing it to pour into the water and cook steamed grains, which heats the fluid.The volume of the basket - a very important indicator, namely the amount of food depends on it, you can cook at a time, and speed cooking.bowls usually have a size of 1.5-3.5 liters.

Tips: how to choose steamer

Please note the following points when choosing a steamer:

  • Steamer with a mechanical control system more simple to use, and to start it does not take long.But there is no such functions as maintaining the heat, cooking the delay.The need for these functions and determine your choice.
  • If you want to cook different foods at the same time without mixing them you need a steamer with a few bowls.If in this case you do not want to taste and smell food mixed, pallets should be as much in your double boiler, and how many bowls, that is, under each cup - your pallet.
  • form of baskets.Bowls of different size it is more convenient to store as they fold into one another, but then you can not change them in the order you want.They are formed only in cooking in sequence.This will prevent you rearrange the cup in the case, if the products in the lower bowl are cooked more quickly than at the top.
  • Transparency baskets - absolutely no criterion as product readiness you still do not see - it will be a couple, and the walls will be condensation.It should be noted that plastic bowls are less metal bowls.
  • presence of the double boiler water level indicator is very useful.So you are in the process of preparation you will always know if there is enough water in it.
  • Sometimes it is very helpful is to have holes for water sauce.This hole you may need, if the water level is too low to continue cooking.Through it, you can pour the water without turning off the steamer.This situation usually occurs in two cases: either you originally poured less water than necessary, or cooking process takes more than an hour.Therefore, if you need this hole, choose according to the dishes you want to cook.
  • height of the pallet ideally 2.5 cm. This is necessary to ensure that the pan enough for the entire cooking process.
  • tray shall be fitted with handles, so it will be more convenient to release condensation.
  • Another very useful scale level sensor.It is through it you'll realize it time to clean your steamer and timely cleaning steamers prolong her life.

Now you know how to choose steamer.Reviews before you buy be sure to read, but only after, when you have already decided on the model, not to spend a lot of time occupation.Select a model that is perfect for you, and the appliance will make your life better and easier.