What you need to pass inspection ?

What you need to pass inspection ?

Any motorist will sooner or later begin to worry about issues related to his car.One of them - how to pass inspection.Today we have a little touch on this theme and talk about what you need to pass inspection.

rules of inspection

  • car owner or the person to whom he has entrusted to pass inspection for yourself may choose the maintenance operator.The choice does not depend on the place in which the car was registered.
  • As a first time pass inspection?To do this, you must present a receipt for payment of 2 (first - for diagnosis, and the second - for a fee);warning triangle (GOST 2001), fire extinguisher (2 liters), a first aid kit.The car itself is clean, everything in it is supposed to work, numbers must be readable.
  • inspection is carried out on a paid basis.The amount of payment depends on the amount of work performed, the maximum payment amount shall be fixed and regulated at the federal level.
  • If the first time on the checkup revealed a fault car or a mismatch of safety requirements, the ve
    hicle is sent for re-inspection within a period not later than 20 days.Re-inspection is also paid.If re-pass the same operator, the payment is made for the new work, that is, for verifying that the last time did not meet the standards.If the inspection is carried out in the same statement, but after a 20-day period, or if a new operator, the payment is made to re-inspection and fully, and then the procedure itself is carried out from the beginning to the end.

Documents needed for passing inspection

  1. document that certifies the identity (passport, identity in the case of the restoration of the passport; military card - for military; accreditation and identity cards marked with ATS - for foreigners).
  2. Driving license.For the citizen of the Russian Federation - a valid driving license;for foreign citizen - an international driving license or a certificate of international type, which corresponds to the Russian standards.
  3. document confirming the ownership of the right.If the owner of the car passes inspection, you need a document, which confirms ownership of the right given vehicle.If that goes through a power of attorney, the person must submit a power of attorney.
  4. transport ticket and a certificate of registration.
  5. documents which confirm the payment of the transport tax.Necessarily need to tax payment date was earlier than the date of application for the passage of TO.
  6. If the vehicle has a listing, then in addition to the above, a person must present a contract with the advertiser, which will confirm the resolution on the distribution of advertising.If the vehicle is equipped with a television or radio signals alarm, you need to lay claim to their use.If there is no authorization for the additional equipment of the machine sound and light devices, which are not specified in the technical documents, the car to the MOT passage is not allowed.

This package of documents was adopted in accordance with the RF Government.One of the amendments was the refusal of the compulsory MTPL policy of bringing car owners and medical certificate.

summarize.What you need to pass inspection?It is a complete package of documents + receipt of the necessary payment, the cleanliness and the condition of the entire vehicle, the presence of first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangle.