How to connect your phone to the TV?

How to connect your phone to the TV?

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How to connect your phone to the TV?

Practically any modern TV is equipped with a variety of external interfaces that allow easy connection of various peripheral devices such as flash drives, digital tuners,video players, mobile phones and so on.. in addition, some TV sets are equipped with an embedded operating system, Wi-Fi module, webcam and can go online.All this provides a great opportunity to connect a wide variety of smartphones and handsets for transmitting images from the screen, and to work directly with media files.

How to connect your phone to the TV for the data?

Many know that some smart phones are able to transmit an image from your screen to the TV screen, but not everyone knows that the TV can get access to media stored on virtually any regular phone with a memory card.

connect your phone to the TV algorithm:

  1. Make sure that there is a USB port on the TV that can read flash drives;
  2. Check the memory card in your phone and make sure
    that it is efficient;
  3. Make sure your phone supports the «Mass Storage» mode (when connected to a computer, the memory card should show up as a removable disk);
  4. find a complete USB-cable from your phone;
  5. Next, connect the cable to the connector on the TV and phone;
  6. Set the TV to play media files from a flash drive mode (usually this can be done by switching the button between TV / AV button on the remote);
  7. If the phone prompts you to select the connection mode, select «Mass Storage» or "External Drive";
  8. Now the TV should see all files and folders stored on the devices memory card.

In this mode, the phone can work as a normal USB flash drive or external hard drive.This option is perfect if you want to show any pictures or video, but it does not allow to display the image on the display of the gadget on the TV.In addition, many current smartphones on Android denied direct access to the memory card and do not work with her in the «Mass Storage» mode.

How to connect a smartphone on Android or iOS device to your TV?

If you have a modern Smart TV with Wi-Fi, while the problems with the connection to Android smartphones should arise.

  1. First you need to connect your phone to a TV to the same Wi-Fi network (for connection to a TV, you may have to use the manual);
  2. On Android-device, set the program to open access to the file system on the local network (eg, ES File Explorer);
  3. In the settings enable the memory card display on the local network;
  4. on the TV menu, find the section in charge of the work of the local network;
  5. Find it your device and open it.

to connect to iOS devices will need to purchase a special set-top box called Apple TV.It allows you to display content from a mobile device, and connect the iPad to a TV, even with the usual video input.