What test for that?

What test for that?

technical examination of the car - it legitimized the standard procedure, which is conducted once a year.By this time, the car owner has to prepare his iron friend and present it for inspection at any service station, where it will be inspected operator.Note that the operator itself to perform all the actions can not, so he will need your help.You'll have to help him in this: press on the pedal, remove caps, open the hood and so on.

So that check on something?

to the outside of

Requirements The first operator will view the state:

  • extinguishers.Mainly paying attention to the expiration date.
  • kits.Are all the medications available.
  • there any warning triangle.
  • The condition of the seat belts, rear-view mirrors.
  • sure to check the signal, windshield wipers and washers.
  • Do not pass by the operator and some sunscreens, pay attention to the door locks.
  • whether to move the driver's seat and front passenger.

If you are the owner of a bus or truck, be sure wheel chocks will be checked.If it sat

isfies the operator, then we continue.


brake system brakes are tested in two ways today:

  1. on the road in motion.
  2. on a special stand.

Let's face it, the first option is no longer used because of the meeting space requirements, and the requirements for flatness of pavement now much tougher for this test requires a well-asphalted area that is not always available at the service station.Therefore, commonly used displays, which are driven into the car, the front wheels first, then the rear (ie, first checked the brakes of the front wheels, then the rear).And be sure the handbrake is checked.


steering system operators usually pay particular attention to the fluid in the power steering system.If it is not enough, then you do not pass inspection.Therefore, make sure in advance that the fluid was normal.It will take about ten minutes, not more.

sure to check tie rods and finials.For this car they are driving on a viewing hole or overpass.Below is the operator of all checks, drafts attach to force his hands.

Finally in the steering system - a cover on the steering wheel.The convenient thing is beautiful, but the cover must fit tightly to the steering wheel itself.This make sure in advance.


mainly checked the compression inside the engine.The fact that the engine is in poor condition, will show smoke (dark blue), coming out of the exhaust.If smoke is present, you will not pass by anyone.


In this case, the operator pays attention to three main factors:

  1. tire pressure.
  2. Outside the disks and the tires (no bumps, dents and other defects).
  3. magnitude of the tread.

So before you drive a car in service, check that everything was in order.


would seem a trifle.But it is to find fault with most headlights.In this case, everything is checked: front and rear lights, turn signals, brake lights, parking lights.

Remember, in vehicles should be used only light devices, which are installed by the manufacturer.The exceptions are those models that are no longer available.

exhaust Check

This test is now being given great importance.We should all cares for the environment.But on the roads of our country drive different cars, there are those who have been released a long time ago.Therefore, the legislation provides some exemptions cars issued before 1986 to have a norm to 4.5% of the exhaust gas (CO).For newer machines this figure should not exceed 3.5%.

Here's everything you need to pass inspection.As you can see, a lot of requirements, but it is a guarantee that the road you will come across a situation where your iron horse will be the cause of accidents.