How to connect the Tricolor ?

How to connect the Tricolor ?

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How to connect the Tricolor?

"Tricolor TV" - Russia's largest operator, delivering digital television.Subscribers of the company are more than ten million people.Today we will talk about how to connect and configure your own "Tricolor".

How to connect and set up the satellite dish

Choosing a location antenna

Carefully pick a place to install a satellite dish.The antenna must be in the direction of the satellite on its way and should not be foreign objects (trees, buildings and so on. N.).In addition, the TV has to be as close as possible to the antenna.

most common installation location - the outer side of the balcony, roof or wall near the window.It is important that no satellite dish water and snow fall (in large numbers).Do not install the antenna inside the balcony (especially if it is glazed).

correct antenna location will facilitate the process of connecting and configuring the device.

Build a satellite dish and its connection

  1. Assemble the antenna according to the assembly instructions.
  2. thoroughly fix the holder for the antenna to the desired location.
  3. Then set in the holder satellite converter input down (need to fix it so as to prevent ingress of rain).
  4. Then connect the cable to the converter.To do this, remove the top of the cable insulation material with approximately half a centimeter, and is located along the braid.Then braid wrap foil.Remove the inner insulation material around a centimeter.Then screw the cable into the connector until it stops.
  5. Secure the cable to the base adhesive tape converter.
  6. Then apply a double layer of tape on the connection point, and the top coat sealant.
  7. Next, set the plate holder: fasteners must be tightened with a force, but to be able to turn the antenna in different directions.
  8. Then attach the cable with insulating tape to the holder of the antenna;rewind the cable supply (1 meter) and also attach next to the plate.
  9. Determine the angle of the plates according to the coordinates of the nearest satellite.For this use the table, which is represented in the instructions.Be guided by satellites, the nearest town.To determine the location of the angle necessary to use a compass.
  10. second end of the wire must be connected to a digital receiver (receiver).Cutting connector carried by the technology described above.

connect the receiver and TV

  1. Turn off the TV and the receiver (if it was turned on).
  2. connect devices to each other using cables with RCA connectors (cinch) or an HDMI cable (sold separately).
  3. Turn on the receiver unit to the mains and press the power button on the device.
  4. Turn on the TV.
  5. Press on the remote control "AV" button.After that you go to video mode.
  6. In the TV menu, select the type of connection.
  7. If the inscription "No Signal" on the screen - it means you have completed the connection correctly.
  8. If the message does not appear, press the remote control button simultaneously 0 and 1.
  9. Next dish will start to search the signal.After that, the TV screen will appear captured channels.
  10. Double-click the "i" button on the remote of the receiver, and appreciate the quality of the transmitted signal.


  1. programs for configuring software you need help.Ask the other person up to the plate and twist her mirror.
  2. Spin antenna mirror is necessary as long as the satellite signal is not sustainable catch.
  3. Man watching TV should evaluate catch the signal from the receiver button "i".
  4. Keep in mind that the weather affects the quality of the signal.That is, if the installation is snow or rain, the default signal will be worse.

If you have any difficulty connecting or adjusting the satellite dish "Tricolor TV", you should contact the experts, calling one of the dealerships.

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