How to connect to a TV tulips ?

How to connect to a TV tulips ?

modern audio-visual equipment connected to the network through a variety of connectors and cables.All these cables have specific names and types, as well as special color markings.Let's look at the most widely used of the "tulip" connector, and figure out how to connect to a TV tulips.

What connector - "tulip"?

This connector type is also called a composite or RCA, CINCH / AV connector, and others. The people of this connector is called the "tulip" or "bell".This type of connector is widely used for audio and video equipment: VCR, DVD-Player, game consoles and other devices.

For connection can also be used coaxial cable, SCART cable, and others.But it is worth noting that this type of connection devices like the tulip, or the RCA, provides the best picture and sound quality.

To determine the type of signal going through a cable, use a standard color scheme, in which each color corresponds to a particular signal connector.Most signals encountered types and colors can be seen in the table below.

tulip How to connect to a TV

Today, every TV has a special connector for composite tulip.

Basic color signals:

  • yellow - for video,
  • white - for left audio or mono,
  • red - to transmit the signal, respectively, for the right channel.

tulip Connecting to a TV - in itself a fairly simple procedure.To do this, simply connect all connectors tulip that color-coded to the appropriate inputs on your TV.

happens that your TV has a number of entries with the same colors.In this case, follow the instructions below.

So, to connect RCA-type cables, or tulip:

  1. find on beam wire group which is designated word IN (in translation from English - "c"), and this cable group can be indicated by the symbol (two arrows);
  2. find on your TV the same group.It will be designated as AV2.Connecting to a TV beam;
  3. input on the TV we see that each of the connectors also signed:
    • letter «V» means the video connection (ie, image);
    • letter L denotes the left input for sound;
    • letter R - right audio input.

connects to inputs by appropriate wiring.

tulip If you see three standard plug - yellow, white and red, then the TV can only be two entrances - to the video (yellow), and only one sound.In this case, it means that TV does not support stereo and mono sound.Then you need to connect the first two cables and the red just leave unconnected.

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