How to choose a receiver ?

How to choose a receiver ?

Select the receiver can be in several ways, first and foremost, the choice of equipment depends on what services the operator you use.In principle, all the operators have at their disposal several types of satellite receivers that can broadcast the specific package of channels.But at the same time, consumers often have to choose the receiver between two or three models, bringing the question arises regarding the choice of the satellite receiver.How to choose a receiver, which details and parameters to be considered in this case?

Choosing receiver for external data

Appearance receiver like and controls on the front panel is the first criterion for selection of the receiver.Choosing this equipment, guided to its front panel buttons are present:

  • power on / off;
  • channel change;
  • menu;
  • volume.

These buttons are necessary in order to not using the remote control, you can control the satellite receiver.In addition to the above buttons on the front panel of the receiver is a receiver for the inst

allation of access card, which is your client chip to watch satellite TV.But some operators of satellite TV receivers are not tied to their access cards.

The back panel contains connectors, for example, LNB IN and LNB OUT, VIDEO - RCA and AUDIO L / R - RCA, SCART TV and RS232, 0V / 12V and many others.These connectors are needed to connect the cable from the LNB satellite dish to connect a second receiver to connect the equipment to the TV, the computer, by means of which the receiver software updated software and for other purposes.The more modern receivers, the more output it has on the rear panel and the more opportunities it will offer to the user.

Choice receiver in functionality

If you do not know which receiver to choose in terms of its functionality, use the tips set out below.In general, before you buy the receiver, you need to consult with experts of your service, which they will advise you to buy a receiver.At the same time, should be guided by standard broadcast receiver.The new standard broadcasting - DVB-S2 / MPEG-4.Today, it gives better image from the satellite, and its cost is acceptable for most people.All receivers for its functionality can be divided into several types:

  • Satellite Receivers FTA.They are intended for public viewing channels.Moreover, in some models, there are emulators that allow to enter biss keys.These receivers, if they have a port for connection to the Internet may be used for the network, but only in the case where the corresponding software is provided.
  • Satellite receivers with built-in decoder for conditional access.They are equipped with card reader (in some cases there may be two).These models are recommended receivers for satellite television operators to users who want to view the encrypted TV channels.Some of the receivers of this group are equipped with the emulator.If you have to exit the Internet can work independently, without a computer on the network.
  • Satellite Receivers with CI interfaces necessary to connect the CAM module.This equipment is used to view different types of channels (open and coded).Perhaps the presence of the emulator with the same features and functions as in the previous two types of receivers.
  • PVR Satellite receivers, which, in most cases, there is a hard drive that allows you to record TV programs.If the hard drive is not provided in this receiver, it will allow to conduct drink telecasts on external media.
  • receivers combined.If you are trying to learn how to choose a satellite receiver on its functionality, then consider this type of receiver.It combines several functions, in particular, when removing one tuner, the receiver is converted into another form.Some receivers have a combined media player.

Additional features

When selecting the satellite receiver, pay attention to what he has additional features or not.This is very important because if there are none, you will have to be content with only watching satellite TV on operator settings, and all.While on the other hand, some of the equipment, offering a number of additional functions, loses much of its lan its qualitative characteristics.Large range of additional features provides a digital satellite receiver.How to choose a receiver, in terms of additional features, consider a little more.In principle, the manufacturers of satellite receivers can offer the following additional features:

  • Interchangeable tuners, enabling the user to get a combined receiver, if, of course, necessary to the user.
  • The Linux operating system is present in virtually all digital tuners.In the case where the standard operating system of the customer is not satisfied, he can always modify it to fit your requirements.
  • Ethernet port allowing you to connect the receiver to the network, to the network or computer.The absence of such a port indicates that you are trying to sell quite a receiver as a standard digital, running on the Linux operating system.
  • ability to use cardsharing.
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer for easy adjustment to the satellite.

In fact, the additional features in modern digital receivers much more.Especially that additional opportunities for each receiver its own, and before the receiver to select the operator or the shop should be familiar with them in more detail.