How to connect to a computer center ?

How to connect to a computer center ?

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How to connect to a computer center?

If you connect a stereo system to a computer, you can get decent quality transmission of sound, without spending money on purchase of the speaker.

first way to connect center and computer

What do I need to connect

  • stereo system in working condition;
  • computer;
  • connection cable Jack 3,5 mm.

technology to connect to the computer center

  1. Insert the end with a plug of the computer (the center slot).
  2. End with two plugs to be connected to the music center.
  3. Locate frequency switch AM / FM signal and switch type - AUX.
  4. If problems are encountered when connecting the described method, click the "Start" button on your computer and click "Run."Alternatively, press the key combination "Windows" + R.
  5. In the command line enter the word "soundman" and click "Ok" button.
  6. set the required settings in the window that appears, and then press the "Ok" button.

second way to connect the computer center and

Here we consider the

case of manufacturing a connecting cord with your hands.

What do I need to connect

  • stereo system in working condition;
  • computer;
  • connection cable Jack 3,5 mm or plug from the headphones / speakers;
  • AV-cable (RCA connector);
  • metal and plastic foundations of audio / video inputs;
  • insulating tape;
  • soldering tool.

center connectivity technology to a computer

process of making wire

  1. Strip the wire of 3.5 mm.
  2. Next, you need to roll the copper wire strands.
  3. then rolled wires strapped to a metal-based audio / video input.The best will mount soldering elements, so when the opportunity to work with the soldering tool.
  4. two wires must be connected to the contacts.Similarly, solder connection, if possible.
  5. Connect between a metal and plastic bases audio / video input with electrical tape.
  6. If the manufacture of the cord you use the old headphones, before you start you need to burn a little wire (if it is a fibrous weave).
  7. If fit connector, the cable can be connected to a mobile phone.

cord made with this technology, the functions similar to the cord than DVD-player.

process connection

  1. equipment Locate on the rear panel of the system unit, two AUX output.
  2. Next, AV-connect cables on the one hand to the previously made by the cord, and on the other hand to the computer.
  3. Next you need to connect the cord to the music center.
  4. then you must include a music center.
  5. Then you must press AUX button on the center.
  6. Turn on the music player on your computer.

Also music center, you can connect conventional speakers.Instructions for connecting the look in our article How to connect the speakers to the computer.

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