How to choose a juicer ?

How to choose a juicer ?

Fresh juice - who does not love him?Only those who have not tried it.But how useful is this delicious juice it depends on the juicer.That's how to choose a juicer, and what you should pay special attention will be devoted to this article.

What juicer choose

, you need to decide before buying a juicer: the juice from the fruit of what you'll be doing, and in what quantities.Since the appearance of the product greatly influences the performance of the juicer:

  • If you want to make juice from different fruits, you will need a universal juice extractor (centrifugal);
  • If you prefer citrus juices (grapefruit, lemons, oranges), you should buy a special citrus.
  • If you like the juice from the berries (such as gooseberries, currants, grapes), you again need a versatile juicer, but note that not all are suitable for processing of berries.The way out of the situation can become juicer presses (they are part of the meat grinder, food processor).

In stores you will find household and professional juicer,

the first suitable for short-term work, while the latter can process fruit for a long time and in large quantities than the first.

Depending on which juicer you make your choice, it will be necessary to pay attention to a variety of settings, dwell in more detail on the choice of different juicers.

Citrus: how to choose

Plus citrus press is their price.When you select this juicer is worth paying attention to:

  • volume containers for juice and its structure.Normally capacity of such juicers are designed for 1-3 cups.It is assumed that the juice from citrus fruits do not make for the future, and drink immediately.However, if you have a large family, you should think about the bigger capacity.Additionally, you must pay attention to the "nose" capacity, in order to avoid problems with the transfusion of juice into a glass.
  • mechanism for holding fruit (lever) at the juicer will allow you to not stand on it, and do other things.
  • reverse mode (interlace rotations clockwise and counter-clockwise).This mode allows you to squeeze more juice from the fruit.
  • control the content of the pulp will allow you to adjust the density juice.There are 2 options: regulation by using filters or by the amount of slots in the nozzle.
  • diameter nozzles, handy when the juicer has a few tips for fruits of different sizes (from mandarin to large grapefruit)

How to choose a juicer: universal

Universal juicer will cost you more expensive than the previous version, but then sheuniversal.With such a juicer, as mentioned above, you can get the juice from different fruits and vegetables, and in some models, and berry.

very much on juice yield in a juicer affects separator (it and separates the pulp from the juice).Separators are:

  • Spur.Out of juice when this mechanism is up to 95%, but the net this juicer is that it does not function garbage pomace (pulp), and it will have to do yourself, by hand, by stopping and examining the juicer every 2-3 cups.
  • Taper.Compared with the first embodiment of the juice yield is 60-70%.But unlike the first embodiment in that the device has a container for a meal.And the bigger in size it will be, the less it will have to be cleaned during juicing.

thus have to choose between convenience and economy (with a conical separator will have to spend more money on fruits).The containers for the meal, often used a hole in the bottom, through which flows the juice remaining in the separated pulp is slightly increase the amount of juice.

now focus on other parameters, select a universal juice extractor, from which will depend on the quality of juice and easy to use technology:

  • Due to the fact that the fruits of different densities must be pressing at different speeds, your juicer should have gear shift knob.The dependence of the type of fruit and spin rate found in the operating instructions.
  • In order to give a clear juice, juicer should be provided penootsekatelem.
  • centrifuge grid usually made from stainless steel to preserve the beneficial properties of fruit, but still, it is necessary to make sure that it is used in a pleasing pattern.
  • container for supplying fruit - will save you a lot of time, filling it with fruit, you prefer to quietly with other things until your juice is ready, they are most useful in the form of a cone.
  • Note the hole for supplying fruit.From its diameter depends: Will pre-cut fruit, round shape of the hole is more convenient oval.
  • Useful tips are citrus, float, pushers, additional containers for juice.

Tips: How to choose a juicer

  • When choosing a power juicer, it is worth remembering: the more you want to do the juice, the more powerful you need a juicer.
  • If you are going to do a lot of juice, then you have a big role performance metric juicer.
  • manufacturer.Before buying should be read reviews about favorite model and manufacturer on various websites or forums, and only then make the final choice.
  • Before you buy your favorite model of universal juicer, specify: what fruit is not recommended pressing on this model, and if the list of permitted fruit is large enough, then take.
  • If you are limited by the free space in the kitchen, choose a model with direct feed juice into the glass.So your juicer will take up less space, and wash dishes have less.However, it is worth noting that more practical juicer to juice collector.Since container thoroughly secured in a juicer and juice loss is not possible.
  • more convenient transparent container to collect the juice, so you can control the amount of the resulting juice.
  • not take the juicer with high capacity to collect the juice, if you do not plan to make juice for large companies and in large quantities.
  • When buying a juicer plastic parts must not exude any odor.
  • Choose the model that is easier to assemble and disassemble, so you will not have big problems with her washing.
  • suckers on legs allow strengthening reliably juicer on the work surface, and substantially increase its stability.


juicer Juicer, as well as any other equipment, requires maintenance.Typically, the bundle includes a special brush to clean the strainer.All removable parts should be washed under the tap with lukewarm water.

Now you know how to choose the right juicer.Treat the choice responsibly and carefully study the instructions before use, to appliances serve you for years to come.