How to connect a digital TV ?

How to connect a digital TV ?

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How to connect digital TV?

Distribution of digital television every day is gaining momentum, and this is not surprising, because it has significant advantages over analog.Due to the special transmission technology Digital TV has a crisp, clear picture and rich sound.That is why many people opt for digital TV.

You probably know that in order to connect the Digital TV needs some additional devices.Some people think that digital TV connection is somewhat complex and requires the intervention of specialists, but in fact this is a very simple task.Let's find out how to connect a digital TV by yourself and you need to do.

Connecting digital television

To get started is to say that digital TV is of two types - cable and terrestrial.As the name implies, it involves a cable connection via cable television for terrestrial digital TV need a special antenna.If your TV does not have a built-in digital receiver, it must be purchased separately in the form of a spe

cial set-top boxes.Specifically, about setting up a digital TV, you'll learn from the article How to set up a digital TV.

Connecting cable digital TV

If your TV has a built-in digital receiver, all that you need - to insert a smart card to access digital TV.Of course, pre-connected to the corresponding service from your TV provider.Software built-in receiver on their own searches and the setting of channels (depending on your TV model).On some models, this process must be run independently.

If your TV does not have a built-in receiver, use a special set-top box.It is desirable that your TV has an HDMI output as HDMI connection will allow to fully enjoy the high quality picture and sound of digital television.

  1. boxes for digital TV should be included in the grid.Then connect it to the TV cable, and the very top box.
  2. Turn on the console and the TV.To switch on the console, click on the TV remote control input button (standard on most models).
  3. Insert the smart card into the receiver and the receiver to enjoy digital TV.

Connecting air digital TV

To connect terrestrial digital TV requires a special UHF antenna.If your TV has a built-in receiver, simply connect the antenna to the digital TV and run the channel search.In some cases, a smart card television provider.

for TV connection is not much more difficult without the built-in receiver.Instead of the built-in equipment is necessary to use a special set-top box and a connection is similar to connecting to a cable digital TV.Only this time, instead of a cable television provider, you must connect the antenna UHF.

Some providers set-top boxes for digital TV is already set up to work, and they only need to be connected.Also in such set-top boxes do not need to use a smart card, but in this case it is necessary to change the prefix itself and to change the television provider.For more information about how to configure the channels themselves, you can read the article How to set up the digital channels.