How to choose a split system ?

How to choose a split system ?

Before you choose a split system, let us first understand what it is?Split system air conditioning is common, which is installed in residential and industrial premises.The whole system consists of an inner and an outer block.

How to choose a split system?First we need to calculate its power.That power conditioner determines how well it will cope with the task.Calculate power can be according to the following formula:

Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3

  • Q1 - this heat from the walls, ceiling, floor and windows;
  • Q1 = S · h · q / 1000;
  • S - is the floor area (m?);
  • h - the height of the room (m);
  • q - coefficient determining the room lighting.It is equal to 30 - 40 W / m3:
    • for dimly lit rooms q = 30;
    • for premises with an average brightness of q = 35;
    • for areas with lots of sunshine q = 40.
  • Q2 - is the amount of heat flow from the adults:
    • for people in a calm state applies a value of 0.1 kW;
    • at a small activity of people value is 0.13 kW;
    • with active physical exercise - 0.2 kW.
  • Q3 - the amount of he
    at flow from household appliances.
    • computer emits 0.3 kW of heat;
    • TV - 0.2 kW.

For all other instruments adopted by a value equal to 30% of their rated power.

defined the capacity of the air conditioner, it is necessary to take care of its functionality and appearance.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of designs of indoor units.Due to various installation options conditioner can easily fit into any interior.The indoor unit can be placed on the ceiling, the floor, wall or is embedded in a ceiling is hidden.The most common wall blocks.

modern split systems can operate in four main operating modes - is cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation.Almost all modern models are equipped with air ionizers and filters of dust and smoke odors.Also standard features include support for a given temperature, night mode and adjust the direction of air flow.

All systems are equipped with air-conditioning remote control.On the console screen displays the mode menu operation, temperature readings, current status and mode of the device, as well as additional information (clock, timer, etc.)

Outdoor unit split system accommodates virtually all electronics and automation.There's also placed the compressor all the necessary sensors and valves freon.The system is designed so that all the heat is transferred from the room to the outside and discharged through the outdoor unit.All the noisy part of the air conditioning system is located in the external unit.

When choosing a conditioner should pay attention to the manufacturer.The most reliable are considered to split the Japanese production system.Manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi, Akai, Sharp, Toshiba provide quite long service life of their products.

conditioners Korean manufacturers (Samsung and LG) offer a wide range of interesting designs and an abundance of unique features, combined with a moderate price.

less popular system Italian, Swedish, and Chinese manufacturers.This company Midea, Zanussi, Electrolux.