How to connect the digital receiver ?

How to connect the digital receiver ?

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How to connect the digital receiver?

If you want to connect and set up the digital receiver on its own, use our instruction, that we present in this article.

There are different types of receivers, which differ as I / O types, and signal transmission.In this article we will look at the instructions for connecting to a TV set-top boxes and its further setting the example of DVB-T2 digital receiver.This device takes the free terrestrial TV channels using an ordinary antenna.Note that the sequence of actions when connecting and configuring any identical consoles.

instructions on connecting and setting up the receiver

  1. First you need to connect the console to the TV.To do this, you need to connect the necessary cables to the rear of the receiver.Please note that the panel is as HDMI type connector for modern TV models, and connectors-bells.To connect the console to the old TV will need to purchase an adapter that works on both the input and the output.So, to
    connect the console to the TV you need to connect three wires - yellow, red and white or HDMI-cable.
  2. After connecting the receiver to a TV red lamp lights up on the device.
  3. Next to the receiver, you must connect a conventional antenna.
  4. Then take control of the set-top box and click the trigger.When you turn on the receiver's red light will change to green.
  5. When loading the receiver box will appear on the TV screen, where you must select the desired settings.Then click "Ok" button.
  6. After this console will start automatic channel search.However, it is unlikely that the receiver is the word of the program, so click "Exit" and exit autotuning.
  7. Then go to the "Main Menu", select "Settings" and click "OK" button.
  8. Next, select "Channel Search" and change the settings: Search Mode - "Via" strip search - "UHF Band" frequency channel "CH30 546000 kHz."
  9. After changing the settings you will see the bottom of the screen that appeared, and the quality characteristics of the signal intensity.
  10. Click on the "Channel Search" button.

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