How to connect a digital set-top box ?

How to connect a digital set-top box ?

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How to connect a digital set-top box?

Progress does not stand still, and in a number of countries digital television has already dominates the analog broadcasting.But in Russia, not even all know what it is.From this article you will learn how to connect your digital set-top box, or as it is called experts, a digital receiver to the TV yourself.

About digital and analog broadcasting

quality superior quality digital TV standard analog broadcast, it gives the data signal is increased clarity and delivers the most high-quality image transfer to date.Modern TV sets are equipped with a function supporting DVB-T2 digital broadcasting.With this feature, you just need to connect the TV to a cable TV, and your new console will start to please impeccable quality.

However, not all TVs are equipped with this feature.How can that be, if your TV is not suited for the transmission of digital TV signals?It's very simple, you just buy a special digital set-top box.Huge s

election of such equipment is available in various online stores where you can choose the most suitable and affordable option.

connection instructions digital consoles

Once you have purchased the required device, set it next to the TV, insert the batteries and plug in the power outlet.It is best to conduct an HDMI cable connection, since such cable, the picture will be more clear and qualitative.If, for whatever reasons, the TV did not have such an output, do not worry - come up and so-called "comb" or "tulip".

cable "tulips" connected is easy with this easy to handle even the experienced man in the art."Tulips" are three plug at one end and at the other, they only need to insert the connector into the TV and digital set-top box sockets of the respective colors."Comb" has the same connectors on the ends, which are also inserted into the TV and digital receiver.

About AV / TV

mode if it turned out that your TV is not turned the connector, for example, under the "tulips", and in the receiver - the connector under the "comb", but there is a cable with such connectors, the connection is still made enougheasily.Once you properly connect the TV with a digital receiver, insert the antenna plug into the corresponding socket of the digital receiver.Having done the above manipulation, turn the TV and remote control, go to AV / TV mode.

on LCD TVs (LCD) and plasma screens when choosing AV mode pops up settings menu, with items: AV, SCART, HDMI, etc.You also need to select an item in accordance with the cable connected to the TV.If this were the "tulips", select the AV, "comb" corresponds SCART item.Well, if you have used the connection using the HDMI cable, contemporary, respectively, you must select HDMI.

on a regular TV when choosing AV mode, the transition to the AV output, the choice of which is switched to AV1, AV2, etc.And necessary to switch until the screen image will not arise.After performing data manipulation have only to enter the settings menu, the digital set-top boxes.This can be done using the remote control, select "Auto Tuning".By clicking on the item "Auto Adjust" is our unit will search channels, and then save them in the auto mode.

Additional recommendations

If your home has several TVs, you can connect your digital receiver to one of them, and in this connection on both the TV will broadcast the same television program.If you want it in the house is enough for one console.But if you need the freedom to choose, it is best to purchase a separate set-top box for each TV in the house.

also suggest you read the article on How to connect the DVB-TV2.DVB-TV2 - a new level of quality in the data transmission with digital broadcasting.

We hope that our guide has helped you to cope with the task, and now you know how to connect a digital set-top box.