How to choose a washing machine ?

How to choose a washing machine ?

How to choose a washing machine?First you need to understand what type of washing machine you need.There are two main types of washing machines with front and top loading.How do they differ and which model should you choose.All this we will try to tell.

How to choose a washing machine at the front?

most common model - a washing machine with front loading things.This is the most encountered washing machines, with a door in the middle.When you purchase these machines, you need to take into account the available space in your home, be prepared that this unit will not occupy little space.The machine usually fit about 5 kg of things, although there are some which can be downloaded from 7 kg to 10 kg.


  • Full-size - height (85-90 cm), width (60 cm), depth (60 cm), loading (5-7 kg);
  • Narrow - height (85-90 cm), width (60 cm), depth (35-40 cm), loading (3,5-5,2 kg);
  • Superuzkie - height (85-90 cm), width (60 cm), depth (32-35 cm), loading (3.5-4 kg);
  • Compact - height (68-70 cm), width (
    47-50 cm), depth (43-45 cm), loading (3 kg);

When choosing a washing machine with front loading, targeting out how many things you wash.

How to choose a vertical washing machine?

main reason why people are more and more are buying washing machines and dryers, is its compactness and versatility in installation.In such models, there is no door in the middle of the lid is on top, in a washing machine you can always put the clothes forgotten, or vice versa to remove it.

features washing machines and dryers, similar to the front cars, 85-90 cm - height 40 cm - width (usually).The depth of vertical washing machines - 60 cm. Such machines are not wide enough, so they perfectly fit into a small apartment.

tank and drum machine

necessary to learn the material from which made the tank washing machine.The drum is always made of stainless tissue, but the basis for the tank is, enamel or stainless steel.Stainless steel is more reliable and durable, but noise in the work she concedes.Other materials, such as carborane, polinoks, polipleks et al., Less quality, but have a durability and less noisy, and for them characterized by a high coefficient of thermal insulation.To wash was more qualitative, drum making with special grippers, they raise the washing liquid upward, as a result there is a uniform mixing.

«Class» and power washing machines

there are 7 classes Spin: A to G.

most perfect machine, the machine is a Class "A".The drum rotates in such vehicles at a higher speed and spin better.Such machines are carefully washed linen, and save energy.Washing machines of class A and B have the best performance;C, D and E - the average;F and G - lowest rates.

The same letters indicate and spinning classes.There are some options: dry laundry at 1600 revolutions per minute, to wet, to 400 rpm.It should be noted that suitable spin at high speeds, and it is best to spin on a minimum number of turns for the soft tissue to toweling.

Washing programs

standard wash programs for different types of fabrics (silk, wool, synthetics, cotton and linen) are already incorporated in many modern washing machines.

There are also additional programs:

  • «Quick wash» - if the laundry is lightly soiled;
  • «Soaking» - if the laundry is heavily polluted;
  • «Extra Rinse» - for people with small children or allergies;
  • «Half load» - at partial load;
  • «Economical washing" - at a low temperature.

models of different classes, the number of programs will be different.If the washing machine is not expensive, and the number of programs will not be great, but if your car is a premium, their number will be correspondingly more impressive.

Connection washing machine

There are two options for connecting the washing machine.Save electricity will connect to the hot and cold water, but the downside is the low quality of supplied hot water.A better solution is to connect only to cold water, nevertheless means for softening hard water, as needed.It is also necessary to look at the pipes, with the help of their machine is connected to the water supply.Rigid pipe is undesirable for such a connection, it is best if you have already included flexible hoses.They are single-layer or double-layer.Double thanks to the outer protective layer more reliable, but they cost several times more expensive than a single layer.

Integrated drying

Each modern washing machine has a built-in dryer.This feature is very convenient because of the drum thing is extracted almost dry, and can only pet them.The hot air passes through the wet laundry, receiving all of the moisture which subsequently condensed in a special tank.

This function has its flaws, it is the increase in power consumption.Also, during the drying things wear out quickly.It is recommended not finally dried things, becauseotherwise they will jam.

Safety at Work

order not to run into trouble during the operation of their washing machine, outfitted with a variety of models of treatment appropriate for safe use.

Virtually every washing machine is now has a feature as:

  • «Parental Control" - block the washing machine can be, with a combination of keys to unlock the same way.The display shows the "Protection of children»
  • «block leakage»:
    • full - in the case of damage to anything in the washing machine in the water hoses no longer do.Protection against overflow
    • partial - partial protection is usually set in low-cost washing machines.The hoses in case of problems stops water flow.An additional overfill protection, is not provided.
  • «Block of opening of the door during the wash '- locking device built into the castle, which excludes arbitrary opening.
  • «Protection against power surges" - a useful feature if your laundry is interrupted by malfunctions in the mains.Some models of washing machines remember the time when I had to stop, and when you resume, they continue to work from that place.The efficiency of washing machine is stored in the range of 170 to 255 watts.

latest models of washing machines are known for their quiet operation.This does not prevent you to go about their business without being distracted by sounds, as it is very convenient if you have small children.When choosing a car, pay attention to decibels, dB less, the better.Washers 55 have a noise level in decibels washing and dehydrating with increasing quantities up to 70-75 dB.

How to choose a washing machine: quality

assembly In conclusion I would like to mention about the build quality.For example, the production of washing machines in Turkey, is fully automated, and a long exploitation can not count (4-5 years), while in Austria and Sweden, the machine can last you up to 20 years.Also, the German assembly is qualitative enough and ready to last for about 15 years, the Italian labor - 8 years.

Now the choice is yours!We hope that following our advice, you will not have the question "How to choose a washing machine?" Good luck!