How to connect the electric stove ?

How to connect the electric stove ?

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How to connect the electric stove?

connect any electrical equipment requires special skills, at least in secondary school education.If a person is not really owns the knowledge and skills in the field of electricity - it is better not to take up a job, how to connect the electric stove, and entrust all specially trained people.This is not only better for the technology, but also safer for themselves and others.

basic rules

In order to know how to connect the electric stove, you must follow the rules of use, safety.To qualify for warranty service, you must comply with these rules.Improper connection plate is a source of danger.Installing the plate should be respectively the right to install electrical, Cross-industry regulations of labor safety during operation of electrical installations, as well as local and site regulations lived.Fund, but more importantly, guide.Void your warranty on the stove, you can, if you fail to comply with these rules.

Electric in this art

icle - is a device where the panel, located on top can be together with the cabinet of the oven or on separateness, when embedding.If you do not electric hob and gas and electric oven, it is also important to know how to connect the electric stove, oven or rather, right.For these types of household appliances differences in these processes are negligible.

The old plate will have to be removed to make room for the new equipment.Take the statement.Read it to know the manufacturer's recommendations, how to connect the plates and determine the place of its installation, determine if the wiring length is sufficient.We took out the plate from the packaging, look, if there is mechanical damage.Check the housing panel.

Proper Wiring

Tools required:

  • guide to the plate,
  • very electric,
  • copper wire into three strands,
  • outlet with earth,
  • pliers,
  • shield machine,
  • tester,
  • screwdriver.

to connect the electric stove should be the introduction of a copper cable with a cross section not less than 6 mm, lead-Machine (standing on the stairs) 40-50 A, as do safety shutdown using the RCD, calculated on the same current, the leak in30 mA.The wire connected to the plate individually, how to properly connect the electric stove is a prerequisite.The cross section of the wire - 4 mm.

Three strands of the wire - to 0, the phase and ground.At different pads connected "Zero" and "Earth" on the panel - land for housing, zero - by tavern, having the insulation from the hull and wired to the RCD release zero.Connect the phase on the machine with 32-40 A. If you have a machine with the opening 40 A, then put on a plate machine up to 32 A, and 50 if - let me put a 40-amp automatic.He will be like a wire separate.

See that at the end of the wire was 3-hshtyrkovaya Outlet 25-32 A. Do not buy large industrial sockets and black Soviet.Purchase a small white rozetochki, recessed into the wall.Putting the fork, take the cable from the wall for the wall take PVS 3 x 4, do not forget to leave about 2 meters of cable to ensure normal service plate.


plates Some plates models have design features that set them apart from most others in how to connect the electric stove to a home electrical outlet.That is why, even if there is a lot of experience, it is recommended first to carefully read the attached instructions to the plate.

This is especially true of how to connect the electric oven electrolux from the Swedish manufacturer of home appliances.The assembly shop of the corporation are scattered all over Europe, including in the former socialist countries, such as Romania.This is in no small measure contributes to a variety of styles and models of the plate.

On some sites, you can learn more about how to connect the electric stove and videos often accompany this information.European assembly, certainly superior to the Asian, but still inferior to the quality of engineering samples made at the head office.So you should be attentive to this technique, to ensure its smooth operation for a long time.

should also be said about Electric Company "eyelid".It is well-known European brand, one of the five largest manufacturers of household appliances in the market.Electric stoves VECO richly equipped with various sensors and devices, greatly facilitate the process of cooking.Therefore it is very important to know how to connect the electric stove right eyelid that would not bring down the work of all electronics.

General recommendations

Modern kitchen cookers are many additional functions and sensors.The reliability and performance depends on how you connect the electric stove in compliance with all technical requirements.

Treat carefully to the choice of the outlet of cables to be used.All of them must comply with the manufacturers recommendations.The best option is to use to connect a separate power outlet, which is not connected in parallel to other outlets or switches.All connections should be neat and tight, to prevent short circuits.Carefully follow all the recommended sequence of actions.