How to connect two receivers ?

How to connect two receivers ?

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How to connect two receivers?

Today in modern apartments and houses have a few TVs that need to connect to cable TV.Commonly used optical fiber, which is connected to the modem and from there to receivers in the apartment.However, in the case of a satellite dish is all a bit complicated.

Many people do not know how to connect two receivers to a single satellite dish.Consider the solution of this problem.

How to connect the receiver to a satellite dish

There are several ways to implement his plan:

  • Connect the receiver to the second output of the first.
  • connect both receiver through the splitter to the satellite dish.
  • connect both receiver through the converter to the satellite dish.

consider each method in detail.

Connecting the second receiver via the output of the first receiver

This method is considered the least expensive and most simple.It requires only a wire for pulling the required length to the second receiver and the first receiver to have «LN

B OUT» output.Among other things do not have to mess around with the settings, as well as a satellite dish on the street or wherever it is located.However, there are also disadvantages.For example, you can not pull out the first receiver through which the transport of the signal from the satellite dish to the second receiver from the wall outlet.You can turn off, but from the mains power supply should be.Yes, and not everyone has the necessary receiver output «LNB OUT».

to connect just need to insert the wire from the satellite dish to the receiver input of the first, and from the output of the first receiver to hold the wire to the input of the second receiver.Then it is only necessary to configure them.

connect the receiver through a divider

For this method you will have to buy a special divider that split the signal to two receivers.It costs very little and is sold in any hardware store.However, the dividers are not suitable for analogue television.

divider should always be placed in the house, or on the street it can get wet or it will freeze in the cold.Connecting to the splitter, both the receiver.

Plus such a decision - is that it will be possible to switch off the power supply of the receivers, because they are independent of each other.However, dividers could affect the stability of television operation.The signal may be lost, and the picture "crumble".In addition, when you turn on a radio receiver to the second receiver can only listen to the radio, but television is not available.

connect the receiver via the converter

This option is the most reliable of all, but also the most expensive, because the converter is expensive.You need to buy a converter with two outs.

To connect the converter will have to go to the most satellite dish or antenna.This is always a chance to bring down the plate configuration, but it is always possible to set up again.

From dish receivers have to lay separate cables, which will require more finance costs.However, you will get a completely independent receivers that can work in any way.You can also set different broadcast providers through these receivers, which is a huge plus when the client wants to test a new provider without turning off the old.

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